Validity #2

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Question Answer
1.Face validity-do these items look like they measure that?
2.Content validity-do my items rep the content around what I’m measuring how relevant our items are in relation to what we are measuring
3.Construct Validity-does your instrument rep the imp concepts this is when you do a factor analysis. Test places the items in factors (item groupings) and you want these groups to represent your concepts that you’re measuring if it does you have construct validity
4.Criterian validity:(a subtype is concurrent validity) similar to parallel if the new instrument correlates to another strong existing instrument ****YOU NEED TO PLAN FOR THIS bc they need to be given at the same time
3. Understand measurement/instrument development and validity. Hint: Pay particular attention to the analysis of scale development.Exploratory Factor Analysis is a way of grouping items into subscales to measure the concepts of interest. reducing data to validate a tool. Groups items together in 2 phases: a. 1. Factor extraction- condense items into a smaller number of factors & identify which factors should be extracted. Keep reducing till you can’t find any more b. 2. Factor rotation-