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Question Answer
DTaP/DTChildren 6 weeks- 6 years old; ONLY under 7 years old
Tdap/Td Anyone 7 years or older with no record of Tdap, even when they finish the DTaP. Close contacts with infants or health providers. Pregnant patient, 20-36 weeks or Tdap post-partum
Varivax(Do not vaccinate younger than 1 year, because maternal ab can interfere with vaccine) Anyone >1 year old that shows no immunity Susceptible teens (>13 years older), separate second dose by one month
ZostavaxACIP > 60 years old FDA > 50 years old
MMRNo need to vaccinate if born before 1957 . All susceptible people at high risk for the disease: college students, international travelers. Health care workers born after 1957. Adults born in 1957 or later should have a minimum of one dose, two for more protection
RotavirusMax age for final dose = 8 months, forget after that
HibInfants and children, regardless of age: asplenia, sickle cell, before moving spleen, severe immunosuppression, solid organ transplant, hemotologic neoplasm
Polio IPVAll infants, international adult travelers, not recommended for US > 18y/o unless traveling; finish if not, one booster if done, 3 doses 0, 1-2, 6-12
PCV13Children 6 mo-5 yr, 65+ y/o, >19 immune suppression, cochlear implants, CSF leaks, asplenia
Hep AOlder than 1 y/o, international travelers, msn, injection drug users, lab workers, chronic liver disease, food workers, clotting factor disorders, someone who wants to minimize risk
Hep BAll infants and adolescents, high risk adults STDs and chronic liver disease
MPSV4> 56 and traveling or part of population with increased risk
msv4certain medical conditions, 2 dose at least 8 weeks apart
PPSV23recommend for >65, 2 to 64 with risk also get (long term problems heart disease, lung disease, etc, smoker)