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Botulism mneumonic3D's -> Diplopia,Dysphagia,Dysphonia normal nerve conduction velocity but decreased compound muscle action potential -> due to inhibited acetycholine release from presynaptic nerve terminals
Ventricular fibrillation after MIMost common cause of sudden death within 2-3 days of Myocardial infarction
CHF MOADecrease left ventricle contractility,left ventricular output, High end-diastolic pressure, Fluid in pulmonary leads -> Decreased lung compliance increased resistance to lung distention(also seen in pulmonary fibrosis & surfactant deficiency)
Neonate presents with TOF(rvh,pulmonary stenosis,vsd, overriding aorta), Orbital hypertelorism, bifid uvula, cleft palateDigeorge Syndrome -> Chromosome translocation
Loss of upper extremity pain and temperature sensations, upper extremity weakness & hyporeflexia, lower extremity weakness and hyperreflexia & KyphoscoliosisSyringomyelia Central cystic dilation in cervical spinal cord leading to damage to ventral white commissure and anterior horns
Ventricle rupture after MI in a first time pt5-14 days after an acute myocardial infarction
Aortic and mitral valves affected causesIncreased left ventricular diastolic pressure
Norvovirus vs RotavirusNorvovirus more common in developed countris and in crowded areas VS Rotavirus is usually in undeveloped & unvaccinated people
HIV associated esophagitis with punched out ulcersHSV1
CF serums lab abnormalityHyponatremia in the serum because salt is lost in the sweat(High sodium & chloride)
Hiv pt with superficial candida development of fungal infection (oral,cutaneous,vulvaginitis) is due to lowT-lymphocytes
Mitral stenosisIncrease Pulmonary wedge pressure
Flexor digitorium profundus & Flexor digitorium superficialisMedian nerve
Selective coronary vessel dilatorsAdenosine & Dipyridamole ->CORONARY STEAL SYNDROME
Pregnant women who have High AFP OR Acetycholine esterase levels meansNeural tube defects -> Failure of closure of neural plates
Hydrophilic drugs3-5L body distribution, high plasma protein binding/charge/molecular weight
Angiography shows left dominant circulation, 90% narrowing of artery going to diaphragmatic surface and AV node Stent going to be placed, and catheter must be passed through which vessels to reach narrowed vessel? Left coronary, circumflex, posterior interventricular (posterior descending)
Pt has diabetes inspidious sx and was started on lithium a few days ago. Problem is at thecollecting duct
Thmic shadowSCIDSever bacterial & viral infections/ Chronic diarrhea, Mucocutaneous candidiasis, DigeorgeCongential heart disease,dysmorphic face, hypocalcemia
54 M for the past 2 months and a 9-kg weight loss over the past 3 months. He is jaundiced. CT scan of abdomen shows a mass in the head of the pancreas. Greatest risk for developing which?Pancreatic cancer is related to -> Major depressive disorder
Following intravenous fluids and insulin, there is marked improvement. Activity of which enzymes has most likely increased in this patient's hepatocytes?Glucokinase
COPD pt given oxygen leads toDecreased respiratory drive -> Peripheral chemoreceptors(Carotid & aortic bodies)
Central chemoreceptors are stimulated by CO2(normal people)Central chemoreceptors
Peripheral chemoreceptors are stimulated byOxygen(unhealthy pts) -> Carotid & Aortic bodies
Why do pts have high glucose in low insulin state is due toGlycerol made from breakdown of triglycerides and used by -> Glycerol Kinase used for gluconeogenesis
Severe skin & subcutaneous fat necrosis 2 days after warfarin initiationProtein C deficiency
Egg stage Born to pubertyProphase Meiosis I
Boy presenting with no lactate and muscle weakness with absent lactate dehydrogenase leads to inhibiton of glycolysis due toDepletion of NAD+
Clasp knife rigidityNOT Huntington -> Upper motor neuron deficit - Internal capsule
Fixed and dilated pupils after 10 minutes of no heart function. damage toMidbrain due to CN III dysfunction
Low levels of all immunoglobulinsX-linked agamaglobulinemia -> CD19 defective
Short diazapamsTria, Oxazepam, Midaazolam, Alprozalam
Trisomy 13/18/21, Turner Syndrome, KlinefelterMeiotic Non-Disjunction
Direct herniatransversalis fascia breakdown
Rectosigmoid lymph nodes are calledPararectal -> Drains to internal iliac nodes
Chancroid vs ChanceH.Ducreyi VS Syphilis
Abdominal pain & neurologicialPorphilinogen deaminase
Rash Porhyria cutanea tardaUroporphyringen decarboxylase
Isonazid causes inhibiton of B6 leading toInhibition of ALA synthase due to the fact it uses B6 as cofactor -> SIDERBLASTIC ANEMIA
IgA proteaseSHIN -> S.pneumonia, H.influenza, Neisseria gonnorhea

MacConkey agar G- Rods

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Lactose fermenter FASTKEE -> Klebsiela, Enterbacter, E.coli
Lactose fermenter SLOW Citrobacter, Serratia
Lactose non-fermenter Oxidase-Salmonella,shigella,proteus
Lastose non-fermenter Oxidase+Pseudomonas, H.pylori


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PhenytoinBlocks NA channel
CarbamazpineBlocks NA channel
ValporicBlocks NA channel & Increase GABA channels
BenodiazepinesIncrease GABA action
PhenobarbitalIncrease GABA action
LevetiracetamModulates GABA & Glutamate release
EthosuximideBlocks thalamic T-type Ca2 Channels