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Coronary dominant circulations

Question Answer
Right Coronary ArteryRight Dominant
Left Circumflex artery Left dominant
Right Coronary & Left circumflexCodomiant
Av node supplied byDominant artery either left or right


Question Answer
Colorectal cancer with nsaids study of pts with actual colorectal cancer and neighbors of these peopleConfounding
Central diabetes inspidus problem at theHypothalamus
Thymoma VS Lung MassMysthaneia gravis VS Lambort eaton
Base excison repair sequenceGlycosylase, Endonuclease, Lyase, Polymerase, Ligase
Ovarian cancer preventionThe less menustral cycles the better
Blastomycosis VS Cryptococcus neoformansBroad base budding VS Budding yeast~
Turner syndromeShort 4th digit Cant get married
ARDSFluid accumulation in the alveolar spaces
Buddchiari(hepatic vein) vs Portal venous thrombosis(portal vein)Liver fibrosis & congestion VS Normal Liver biopsy
Gastrinoma is associated withMEN 1 pancreatic tumors
Anesthazie a pt who has torn quadraceps Femoral nerve at the inguinal crease
TNF-a leads to insulin resistance viaSerine & threonine residue phosphorylation
Origin of RCCPCT of nephron
Hospital aquired infection egMsSAHand hygeine
Methicllin resistant SAContact precautions
Cardiac ventricle rupture5-14days after MI
Right frontal lobe VS Left frontal lobeDisinhibited behavior VS Apathy & depression
Multiple myeloma treatment would result inCell apoptosis -> through proteosome inhibitors such as bortzomib
MilrinonePDE 3 inhibitor -> Moa increase cAMP in platelets and decreases platelet aggregation
Milrinone txCardiogenic shock & Acute Heart Failure
Sickle cell macrocytosis due toIncreased FOLIC acid requirement due to hemolysis
Congenital inguinal hernia Hernia presents as mass in the groin in an male infantPersistant process vaginalis
Omphalocele abdominal contents contained within a thin membranous sacFailure of the extra embryonic gut to return to the abdominal cavity
Gastroschisis abdominal content is protruding without any coveringFailure of the extra embryonic gut to return to the abdominal cavity
Umblical hernia down syndrome, abdominal protrusion covered by skin, reducibleIncomplete closure of the umblical ring~
Frequent screw drive user -> cannot extend hand(Wrist drop) Radial nerve injury at the Supinator canal
Radial nerve injury cannot extend hand(Wristdrop) & (absent tricep reflex) with sensory loss(posterior arm forearm and hand)Radial nerve injury at the axillacrutch palsy
Cannot extend hand or fingerRadial nerve injury at the radial groovemidshaft humerus
Decreased strength on forearm flexion & sensory loss of lateral forearmMusculotaneous -> Coracobrachialis
I-cell diseaseDefective Golgi apparatus phosphotransferase -> phosphorylation of mannose residues -> transporterd to Lysosome
ThoracentesisShould be done in the upper border of the rib
RIB vessel formationBottom to top of rib -> Nerve, Artery, Vein
Pulsus paradoxus in the abscence of pericardial disease think ofAsthma or COPD
Low lung volume + Increase pressureRestrictive lung disease -> Pulmonary fibrosis
Sickle cellisPoint mutation
Persistant vitelline duct VS MeckelsSmall connection connection between intestinal lumen and outside of bodymeconium VS Fibrous band connecting with umblicus
H.influenza virulence factorPRP Polyribosylribitol phosphate
Anterior compartment syndromeAnterior tibial artery OR Deep peroneal fibular nerve
S.pneumonia causesMeningitis, Otits media, Pneumonia, Sepsis MOPS
HiB vaccine protects pt fromMeningitis, Epiglotitis, Pneumonia, Sepsis MEPS
HEME is made in theMitochondria
Insbect bite transmission most common in texas causing meningitis, flaccid paralysis and encephalitis, RNA virus with rash in the trunkWest nile virus
Steroid hormones, thyroid hormones, vitamin DIntracellular receptor with DNA binding protein
Calcium sensing receptorsMembrane bound receptor coupled with a G-protein
Inositol phospholipid pathway Ca efflux from endoplasmic reticulum
Cytokine receptorsDimerization of STAT proteins
Adenylate cyclase coupled receptorBreceptors, TSH, calcitonin, glucagon, ACTH, HCG
PI3L or AkT or mTOR activation leads toTranslocation to the nucleus and gene transcription
Rugal thickening and acid hypersecretionZollinger Ellison syndrome
Acute cholecystitis specific diagnosisFailed gallbladder visualization on radionucleotide biliary scan
Trisomy 21 nondysjunction occurs atMaternal Meiosis I
Hepatits C has NOProofreading 3-5
Puncture above inguinal ligament causesRetroperitoneal bleeding which cannot be stopped with pressure
CIN vs Cervical cancerExpansion of basal cells to the epithelial cells VS Invading basement membrane
Ecoli VS EnterobacterIndole+ VS Indole-
Homeobox(hox) geneCodes for transcription factors
Cavernous SyndromeFixed eye, ptosis, mydrasis, mild proptosis, loss of corenal reflexCN III, IV, VI, V1&V2
T3 administration causesTSH -decrease, T3 -Increase, ReverseT3 - decrease, T4 DEREASE
alpha and beta pleated sheets alzhemiershydrogen bonds
Amino acids in beadsPeptide bond
K-RAS binds toGTP
Ankle reflexS1
Patellar ReflexL4
Anal sphinctor nerveS4
Decreased compound muscle action potential (CMAP)Consumption of home canned food -> C.Botulinm
Elderly lung valuesTLC - Unchanged, Forced Vial capacity - Decreases, Residual Volume - Increases
Compostion of RNA at 3'end of bacterial RNA (tRNA)CCA
Foci of hemorrhage and necrosis of maillary body and gray matter -> Thiamine deficiency leads toErythrocyte Transketolase acitivty requires thiamine
Bulging of interventricular septumCardiac Tamponade
Maple Syrup Urine disease txTender Loving Caring For Nancy -> Thiamine, Lipoate, Coenzyme A, FAD, NAD
Enveloped Double stranded CirCuLaR DNA virusHepatits B
Walking down the stairs to our bed we use what eye nerveCN IV -> Trochlear nerve
COPD pt if oxygen is given this can REDUCEPeripheral chemoreceptors
Decreased respiratory drive in COPD pt after oxygen supplementation is due toCarotid bodies
Kidney failure in diabetic pt during dialysis -> Bleeding from venous and mucosal sitesUremic Platelet dysfunction -> BT is ONLY Abnormal
Atypical depression -> Monoamine inhibitorsAffects monoamine degradation
Fatigue, weight gain, increase creatinine kinase, localized lump rises from the surface of the muscle after percussion with reflex hammerHypothyroid Myopathy -> Check serum TSH
Fetal highest oxygen vesselUmbilical vein, IVC, Ductous venoses
COPD -> Emphysema caused byNeutrophils & Macrophages
Cade au lait spots hyperpigmented macules, Endocrine abnormalities early menarche, Fibrous dysplasia deformities, hip painMcCune -Albright Syndrome
ACE & TZDDO NOT GIVE -> Hypotension
Bloody Nipple dischargeIntraductal Papilloma -> Pappilary cells with fibrovascular core
Superficial VS Hematogenous CandidemiaT-Lymphocytes VS Low Neutrophils
MI HemodynamicCO-Decrease, Pulmonary Capillary wedge pressure- Decrease, Central venous pressure-Increase
Which step involves Handling & processing of mRNA within cytoplasm?Interaction with P bodies
Kid with PSGN problem but keeps having hematuria & proteinuria with many similar episodes in the past and resolves on its ownIgA Nephropaty(Buerger disease)
Non Pathogenic C.Diptheria -> Pathogenic C.DiptheriaPhage conversion permitting exotoxin production
Acute RejectionCell mediated immunity
Emphysema VS Pulmonary fibrosisDecrease traction VS Increase traction
Gap junctions THINKHeart & Osteocytes
Carbon Monoxide vs CyanideCyanosis vs NO Cyanosis
Ornithine deficiencyRestrict Protein & Excess of Ammonia
G6PD (Cholestrol & fatty acid synthesis / Glutathione antioxidant)Glucose-6-phosphate -> 6-Phosphogluconate
PVST - Carotid massage stimulates baroreceptors which increaseAfferent firing leading to parasympathetic
Anterior Horns of spinal cordLMN
Corticospinal tractsUMN
Speed of conductionPurkinge, Atrial muscle, Ventricular muscle, AV node
Operator locus vs Promoter sequenceBacteria VS Eukaryotes
PSGN Culprit organismS. pyogenes
Aldose Reductase vs Aldolase BGlucose to Sorbitol VS Herediary fructose intolerance
Pulmonary abscess (round density with an air fluid level in the lower lobe of the right lung)Lysosomal content of release by macrophages
Pt hemoglobin would most likely aggregate upon (Sickling)Oxygen unloading, low pH, High levels of 2-3bisphosphoglycerate
Fluctuating tingling, numbness involving the right shoulder arm and hand right little finger and hand pain(compression of lower trunk of brachial plexus), decreased sensation over hypothenar eminence and over medial 2 fingers(subclavian artery)Thoracic outlet syndrome scalene muscles due to repetitive overhead arm movements(baseball)
Proximal Ureter supplied by what artery?Renal Artery
EnhancersLocated upstream, down stream or even introns
Nf-Kb (Necrotic Factor)Cytokine Production
Promoter foundUpstream
CMV vs ChlamydiaChorioretinitis VS Conjunctivitis
VipomaDiarrhea even with fasting
Ultraviolet vs Chemo radiationPyrimidine Dimers VS Double-stranded DNA breaks
AspirinRespiratory Alkalosis Before 12 hours / Metabolic acidosis after 12 hours Normal ph UsUaLLy
Most common causeof viral meningitisEnterovirus -> Mild pharyngeal erythema, fever headaches
Dorsal pancreatic ductBody, Tail, most of Head
Ventral pancreatic ductUnicate process, Inferior/posterior portion of the head, Major pancreatic duct
Pheochromocytomas vs Panic disorder sxHeadache, sweating, tachycardia vs No Headache, sweating, tachycardia
45XO Turner syndromePaternal Meiotic Non Disjunction
Eccessive skin at the nape of the neck, ~Protruding tongue & upslanting palpebral fissureDown syndrome 46XX t(14.21) DO NOT CONFUSE WITH TURNER
Lowhemoglobin & Platelets, Increased BUN & creatinineTTP -> Impaired cleveage of von willebrand factor
Perioral pustules with golden yellow crusts with g+ cocci in chainsS.pyogenes 2nd most common -> Most common manifestation Facial puffiness & dark urine NOT Heart murmur
HIV pt with cd4 count less than 50 and has acid fast bacteria that grows at 41 C Mycoplasma Avium -> DOC Azithromycin
Cocaine vs Opiod(Heroin) withdrawal sxIncreased appetite, sleep and psychomotor retardation VS Dilated pupils, yawning, piloerection, lacrimation hyperactive bowel sounds
cystic FibrosisFrame shift mutation
Left gastric vein vs Splenic vein(short gastric) thrombosisUpper gi & esophagus seen in portal hypertension VS Fundus of the stomach seen in pancreatic inflammation
Kidney attached and it gets cyanotic and mottledAntibody mediated hypersensitivityType II
Methylated DNAHeterochromatin / Deacetylated histones
Unmethylated DNAEuchromatin / Histone Acetylation
Homocysteine defect of methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase FAD cofactorImpaired conversion of Homocysteine to Methionine Remethylation
Homocysteine defect of cystathionine b synthase OR B6 OR cysthathionaseImpaired conversion of Homocysteine to Cysteine Transulfration