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How does giant cell tumor of bone present?Pain, swelling, decreased range of motion; soap bubble lytic lesion in the epihyseal region of bone; first line treatment is surgery
Wht is osgood schlatter diseaseoveruse injury present in young people who just underwent puberty; radiograph shows avulsion of the tibial tubercle
What is the most common cause of lumbar spinal stenosis?DJD- facet joint osteophytes, and disc herniation; neurogenic claudication is the main symptom
What is the best study for lumbar spinal stenosis evaluation?MRI
What does CMV cause in BMT patient?2 weeks to 4 months after transplant, can see both colitis and pneumonitis
What is the most common site for hypertensive hemorrhage?Putamen- and the internal capsule is involved most of the time- leading to dense contralateral hemiparesis
What does pontine hemorrhage result in?Complete paraplegia, and deep coma within seconds; pinpoint pupils
What should be done in all patients after inserting central venous catheter?Chest x ray to confirm correct placement
How is PBC treated?Ursodeoxycholic acid; sometimes methotrexate and colchicine; liver transplant is the only definitive treatment
What is the initial diagnostic study for malignant melanoma?excisional biopsy with narrow margins, and deep into the subcu fat; if deeper than 1 mm, then check for sentinel lymph nodes, if not, then excise with 1 cm margins
What is the treatment for excess copper?penicilliamine, trientine, also oral zinc prevents the absorption of copper
What value indicates the degress of ards severity?PaO2/FiO2 , usually it is less than 300 in ARDS
What imaging studies should be obtained right away in patient with caustic ingestion?abdominal and chest xrays,; also Upper Gi endoscopy should be done with the first 12-24 hours
What are the complications of PEEPAlveolar damage, tension pneumothorax, and hypotension (independent of tension PTX)
What is the most common complication of bronchiectasis?Hemoptysis
What kind of murmurs should always be worked up?Diastolic, continuous, and loud systolic
WHen should Tpa be used in stroke?within the first 3-4.5 hours of symptom onset
What is the most common blood transfusion reaction and how treated/prevetnted?Febrile nonhemolytic transfusion reactions occurs within first 1-6 hours; stop transfusion, give acetominophen and make sure to leukoreduce the blood nex ttime
What test should be done before starting treatment for suspected achalasia?Endoscopy, to rule out malignancy
WHat are the hallmark signs of trichenellosis?Periorbital edema, myositis, and eosinophillia; undercooked meat, esp pork in a foreign coutnry
Which drugs are recommended in stable anginaBEta blockers are first line, can add long acting nitrate, and calcium channel blockers for refractory pain; short acting nitrate for acute events, aspirin and statin
What is the classic triad of milk-alkali syndrome?Hypercalcemia, renal insufficiency, and met alkalosis
What are the sx of glucogonoma?Hyperglycemia, necrolytic migratory erythema, anemia, and weight loss
What are the common extraintestinal manifesttions of UC?P-anca positive!; erythemia nodosum, pyoderma gangrenosum, cholangitis, episcleritis, arthritis
What is the treatment for severe hypercalcemiaHydration with NS, and calcitonin, and long term bisphosphonate therapy
What should be measured in individuals in the immune clearance stage of Hep B infection?Serial alT and HBeAg every3-6 months