Uworld Int Med 7-27 #2

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Question Answer
Which nerve does bells palsy affect?Facial nerve below the pons (peripheral nerve lesion)
What is the histology of atopic dermatitis?Type one hypersensitivity reaction: spogiosis in the epidermis: edema
When is a tumor considered a microadenoma<10 mm
What is the treatment for microprolactinoma?Initially, dopamine agonists like cabergoline and bromocriptine; surgery if visual probs and doesnt respond to meds, radiotherapy if unresponsive to anything; if asymptomatic, observation is fine
How should you treat hypvolemic hypernatremia first?0.9% normal saline FIRST for the hypovolemia (if symptomatic), and then switch to hypotonic solution once euvolemic such as 5% dextrose or 0.45% saline
WHat is a normal anion gap6-12
How do you calculate the anion gap?Na- (cl + hco3_
What is a hazard ratio?The ratio of an event rate occurring in the treatment group vs the nontreatment group
What is hyposthenuria and when is it seenKidney's Inability to concentrate the urine; most often seen in sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait
What can the presence of an abdominal succussion splash indicate?Gastric outlet obstruction
What kind of lung pathology does pulm edema represetn?V/q mismatch
What are some types of v/q mismatch?obs lung disease, pulm edema, atelectasis, pneumonia
What is the only type of lung path that doesnt at all respond to supp o2? shunt
Normal A-a gradient?<15 but increases slightly with age
What are common cutaneous manifestations of PBC>xanthomas and xanthelasmas
How do you treat pyoderma gangrenosum?Systemic or local steroids
When does ecthyma gangrenosum occur>during pseudomonas bacteremia; profound neutropenia
How is a esophageal motility disorder worked up?First with barium swallow then with mannometry
What are ACL injuries assocaited with classicalyy?popping sounds, and rapid onset of hemarthroses
What effects does glucocorticoids have on WBCs?increases PMNs, decreases lymphocytes, and eos
What is the treatment for NSCLC brain met?If single met, in accessible location, and good functional status of pt, then surgery; other options inlcude stereotactic radiosurgery and whole brain radiation therapy
Rapidly developing hyperandrogenism suggests what?ovarian and adrenal tumor producing androgens: if high testosterone, then ovarian, if high DHEAS then adrenal
Which animals are considered high risk for rabies?SKunks, racoons, and bats
What if one is bitten by a domesticated animal?Monitor the animal for 10 days, if it gets sick, then prompt PEP; if unvaccinated in the past, then give both passive and active immunization
What is the first drug that should be given to patient who comes to ED with chest pain concerning for ACS?Aspirin
What is the main causes of acidosis after seizure?anion gap: lactic acidosis
What is the main feature of babesiosis?RBC hemolysis
How can you test for babesiosis?Giemsa thick and thin blood smear
What is PEP after Hep B exposure?If Hep vaccine before, no PEP, but if no Hep B vaccine, then both hep b vaccine and immunoglobulin
How does AIN present?Eosinophiluria! peripheral eosinophilia, rash, arthalgias, and fever
how do you dx RCC?Ct scan of the abdomen
How should severe hypercalcemia be treated?Calcitonin, bisphosphonates, and hydration with NS
What is the long term management of hypercalcemia of malignancy?Bisphosphonates
What are the symptoms of tinea capitas and how is it treated?Posterior lymphadenopathy and scarring and hair loss, treat with griseofulvin
What are the indications for using a statin?Clinically significant atherosclerotic disease, LDL>190, diabetics between 40-75, 10 year ASCVD risk score>7.5
What is the cause of Carpal tunnel syndrome in hypothyroidism?Accumuation of matrix substances in tendon and nerve sheaths
What is SE of clopidogrel?TTP!
What are the SE statin therapy?Hepatotox and myopahty
Which drugs increase dig toxicity?Amiodarone, verapamil, quinidine, and propafenone
WHat are the complications of nephrotic syndrome?hypercoagulable state, protein malnutrition, iron resistant anemia, vitamin D deficiency, increased susceptibility to infection, A
How is acute rejection of kidney transplant treated?IV steroids!
WHat are the main causes of renal transplant dysfunction in the early post op period?Ureteral obstruction, cyclosporine toxicity,acute rejection, vascular obstruction, and ATN
What can you find in someones with polycythemia vera?Facial plethora and splenomegaly, also peptic ulceration, gouty arthritis, reversible moderate HTN
How do you treat polycythemia vera?keep the HCT< 45% with phlebotomy