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When is delerium tremens likely to occur?After 48-96 hours from the last drink
What are the side effects of vancomycin?Nephrotox, ototox, and red man syndrome
What is RVT commonly associated with?Nephrotic syndrome , especially MGN
What are the symptoms of Renal vein thrombosis?Abd pain, fever, and gross hematuria
Which two drugs are known coronary vasodilators used in stress testing?Dipyridamole and adenosine: through the mechanism of coronary steal
What is the treatment of choice in patient with hypethryoidism related afib with RVR?Beta blocker like propanolol
When is immediate cardioverison for Afib recommended?If patient is hypotensive, has angina, or heart failure- when they are hemodynamically unstable.
non-caseating granulomas of the GI tract?Crohn's disease
Where do melanomas commonly occur on women and men?On women-legs, and men-back
What happens if you correct vit b12 deficiency with folate?May correct anemia, but will lead to rapid progression of neurological sx
What is the most common cause of MR in developed countries?MVP
What Myasthenia gravis treatments can induce remission?Thymectomy or immunosupressive agents
What can be used to prevent the side effects of AchEi therapy?atropine
Anti smooth muscle antibodies?Autoimmune hepatitis
In what kind of arrythmia should AV nodal blocking agents be avoided?WPW- Afib w/ RVR/... can make the response even worse bc you are promoting more conduction through accessory pathway
What should be the first line agents in Afib in WPW?IV ibutilide, or procainamide
What are the sx of gestational trophoblastic disease?Irregular vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, and enlarged uterus
When treating pheochromocytoma, how should meds be prescribed?Alpha blocker before beta blocker, always
What EEG changes are found in CJD?Sharp triphasic, synchronus discharges
What are the sx of CJD?Myclonus, rapidly progressive dementia, and behavior changes
How does leprosy present?Progressive peripheral nerve damage and hypopigmented plaques, people from asia
How do you diagnose leprosy?Skin bx and demonstration of acid fast bacilli
WHich drugs increase oxidative stress in the body?Sulfa drugs, nitrofurantoin, and antimalarials
How does hemolysis occur in G6pDHeinz bodies form from oxidation of hemoglobin and cause hemolysis of RBCs (in the RES)
What are the sx of ADPKD?Hematuria, flank and abd pain, and usuaully HTN
What are causes of crystal induced nephropaty?Sulfonamide, idanivir, acyclovir, therapy, or hyperuricemia
What is one sign of Mortons neuroma?Pain in between third and fourth toes on plantar surface, and sqeezing metatarsal joints
How does tarsal tunnel syndrome present?Pain, burning and numbness distal plantar foot, that radiates up the calf
How does tarsal tunnel syndrome occur?Usually ankle fracture and compression of the tibial nerve as it enters the foot
What arteries are most commonly affected by FMD?Renal, carotid, and vertebral
How do we diagnose FMD of renal arteries?CT angio of the abdomen, duplex US, and Catheter based digital subtraction arteriography
What is the normal aldosterone concentration to renin activity ration?<20
WHat are some of the early and late side effects of levodopa/carbidopa therapy?confusion, hallucinations, somnolence, agitation, dizziness, and the later, involuntary movements of all types
What are some of the drugs used for Parkinsons?Levodopa/carbi, anticholinergics, amantadine, COMT inhibitors, dopamine agonists, and MAO-B inhibitors
What do RBC casts and dysmorphic RBC's signify?glomerulonephritis
What causes papillary necrosis/predisposes to?NSAIDS: Nsaids, sickle cell anemia, analgesic abuse, infection (pyelo), diabetes
know how to distinguish between nonglomerular and glomerular hematuriaGlomerular: microscopic, nonspecirfic sx, basement membrane disease or nephritis, blood AND protein
How is SJS different from TEN?on the same continuum, when <10%of skin involved, SJS, when >30% involved, TEN
What are common culprit drugs for SJS/TEN?sulfonamides, NSAIDs, allopurinol, and anticonvulsants ; also mycoplasma pneumoniae
What is SJS/TEN commonly preceded by?INfluenza like prodrome
What is the gold standard for diagnosing cor pulmonale?Right heart cath
When choosing contrast for CT in someone with kidney disease, what should you choose?A non-ionic contrast agent ; good IV hydration and acetylcysteine can also help
What are colonoscopy guidelines in UCBegin screeninga after 8 years of disease, then every year or two after
What does basal cell carcinoma look like?Ulcerated, pearly nodule with a rolled border on sun-exposed skin
What is seen on fundoscopic exam in CMV retinits?Yellow-white patches of retinal opacification and hemorrhages