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Question Answer
1. Choline -> CholineHemicholinium
2. Choline -> AcetylcholineBromoacetylcholine
3. Acetylcholine transportation into vesiclesVesamicol
4. Inhibition of acetylcholine vesicle into synapseBotulinum Toxin
5. Post synaptic receptor on the other end inhibited byAtropine for organophostate poisioning
6. Area between the synpases is where drugs such asOrganophosphates, Methacholine, carbachol (Cholineesterase Inhibitors-> Impaired break down of choline & Acetate)


Question Answer Column 3
Pneumocystis JiroveciCD4 count less than 200TMP-SMX
Toxoplasma GondiiCD4 count less than 100TMP-SMX
Histoplasma CapsulatumCD 4 count less than 150Itraconazole


Question Answer Column 3
Tight JunctionsClaudins, occludinGI Intestinal barrier
Adherens junctionsCadherins
DesmosomesCadherins(Desmogleins, desmoplakin)Oemohis vulgaris
HemidesmosomesIntegrinsBullous pemphigoid
Gap junctionsConnexinsHeart & Labor contractions


Question Answer
Hypoglycemia, hypotonia, hepatosplenomegaly, ketoacidosis, hebatic fibrosis without fat accumulation, multiple branched polysaccharide with abnormal shorter outer chains within the cytosol of hepatocytesCori Disease-> Debranching Enzyme Deficiency(alpha1-6 or alpha1-4 deficiency)
Patellar Fracture -> Direct blow to the knee(Swollen Knee)Inability to extend the knee against the gravity
Lateral Rectus Abdomens muscle cut leads to damagingInferior Epigastric artery -> Bleeding complication
Bacillus AnthracisPathogenicity -> Anti-phagocytic D-GLUTAMATE capsule
Digoxin MOADecreased Sodium Efflux(Keep it inside) -> Increased intracellular calcium
Erythropoeisis-Stimulating agentsAre used in anemia pts with kidney disease or dialysis pts -> Sx - Increased risk of Hypertension or Thromboembolic events(stroke) Due to Increased blood viscosity & red cell mass
Hemoglobin two jobsCarry carbon dioxide to lungs and Oxygen to organs
To neutralize the acid content in your venous sideCarbonic anhyrdase shifts Cl to the venous side
Which area of nephron is normally impermeable to water(Most concentrated)Thick & Thin Ascending loop of Henle
Western Blot think ofmRNA Translation
Single amino acid substituition glutamine for arginineFactor V leiden mutation -> Leads to Hypercoagulabity -> DVT
Superficial Peroneal NerveSensory loss ONLY on the dorsum of the foot
Common peroneal NerveSensory loss of the dorsum of foot & lateral shin with evertion and foot droop
Aerobic exercise expect increase inCO2 content in the mixed venous blood
Tetralogy of Fallot, Systolic murmur with cyanosis getting better every time squattingEmbrological MOA -> Abnormal migration of neural crest cells leading to deviation of the infundibular septum
3 day history of headaches, intermittent blurring of vision on both eyes, stiffness in shoulders & Fatigue, Increased ESRGiant cell arteritis -> Polymyalgia Rheumatica -> InterLeukin-6 is linked with disease severity -> Tocilizumab
Antibodies for myeloperoxidase & proteinase 3C-ANCA, P-ANCA
PSGN Immunofluorecent Green & BlackC3b & IgG & IgM
RPGN Fibrin deposits Cresent Formation
Where do you see fibrinRPGN & Rheumatic fever valve leaflets
Primary Biliary Cirrhosis -> Liver biopsy extensive lymphocyte infiltration & granulamatous destruction of interlobular bile ductWomen with long history of pruritius worst at night, fatigue, with pale stool & dark urine(cholestasis) and xanthelsma(NO bile so acumulation of cholestrol), ADEK Malabsorption
Viral HepatitisMononuclear infiltration and balooning degneration and apoptosis Homeless man
Primary Sclerosing CholangitisDiffuseinflammation/fibrosis of the large intra and extra hepatic bile ducts onion skin fibrosis and obstruction of the small ducts Inflammatory bowel disease pts
Faty female fortyAcute cholecystitis(Gallstone)
Hypnotic,anxiolytic, muscle relaxant, and anticonvulsant USED IN INSOMNIABenzodiazepine -> Increased frequency of chloride channel opening
Henoch Schonlein Purpura( IgA Vasculitis) SxAbdominal pain, Bloody diarrhea GI , Bloody urine, RPGN Kidney , Purpura over buttocks Skin, Migratory Arthraglias Joint
Diabetic Ketoacidosis DOC insulinIV Regular insulin Lasts 5-8hrs Half life of 5 minutes peaks 2-4hrs -> 3 Times a day
Pt with AML immunocompromised comes with ulcers and multiple skin patches with occassional necrotic centers(Black spots - Ecthyma Gangrenosum)pSeudomonas -> Sepsis(Black lesions on skin)
Fatty streaks predominant cellsMacrophages
Epistaxis(Nosebleed), Eccyhmoses, Low platelets , High megakaryocytes & BTThrombocytopenia -> Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic prupura -> Immune destruction of platelets
VwfEpitaxis,easy bruising, with eccyhmoses Normal platelet count -> Dysfunction of platelet plug formation