USMLE-Microbiology-basic bacteriology II

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Section 1

Question Answer
What are the 6 types of morphology of a bacteria?1) spherical/circular (coccus)
2) rod (bacillus)
3) branching filamentous
4) pleomorphic
5) spiral
6) no cell wall
Give 2 examples of gram-positive that have circular morphology?staphylococcus (cluster)
streptococcus (chain)
Give 1 example of gram-negative that have circular morpholgy?Neisseria (diplococci)
Give 6 examples of gram-positive that have rod morphology?Clostridium, corynebacterium, bacillus, listeria, mycobacterium, gardnerella
Name the 13 enterics gram-negative with a rod morphology?1)E.Coli 2) Shigella 3) salmonella 4)yersina 5) klebsiella 6)proteus 7)enterobacter 8)serratia 9)vibrio 10)campylobacter 11)helicobacter 12)pseudomonas 13) bacteroide
Name the 3 respiratory gram-negative with a rod morphology?Haemophillus, legionella and bordetella
Name the 4 zoonotic gram-negative with a rod morphology?francisella, brucella, pasteurella and bartonella
Give 2 examples of gram-positive that have branching filamentous?actinomyces and nocardia
Give 2 examples of gram-negative with a pleomorphic morphology?rickettsiae (giemsa) and chlamydia (giemsa)
Name 3 spiral gram-negative?spirochetes: leptospira, borrelia and treponema
What bacteria has no cell wall?mycoplasma

Section 2

Question Answer
What is the special characteristic of the cell walls of mycoplasma?contain sterols and have no cell wall
What is the special characteristic of the cell walls of mycobacteria?contain mycolic acid and high lipid content
What is the mnemonic for the bacteria that don't Gram stain well?These Rascals May Microscopically Lack Color
What are the bacteria that don't Gram stain well?Treponema, Rickettsia, Mycobateria, Mycoplasma, Legionella pneumophila, Chlamydia
Why treponema doesn't Gram stain well and what can you do to Dx it?it's too thin to be visualized. Dx: dark-field microscopy and fluorescent antibody staining
Why Rickettsia doesn't Gram stain well?it's an intracellular parasite
Why mycobacteria doesn't Gram stain well?high lipid content in cell wall detected by carbolfuchsin in acid-fast stain
Why mycoplasma doesn't gram stain well?no cell wall
Why legionella pneumophila doesn't gram stain well and what can you do to Dx it?primarily intracellular and you can do a silver stain
Why chlamydia doesn't gram stain well?intracellular parasite; lacks muramic acid in cell wall