USMLE GI Hormones

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GI regulatory 1

Question Answer
Gastrin+ gastric acid secretion
Gastrin+ growth of gastric mucosa
Gastrin+ gastric motility
Gastrin+ by stomach distension
Gastrin+ by stomach alkalinization
Gastrin+ by AAs and peptides
Gastrin+ by vagus
Gastrin- by pH less than 1.5
Gastrin++ in ZE
CCKI cells duodenum and jejunum
CCK+ pancreatic secretions
CCK+ Gallbladder contraction
CCK- gastric emptying and + Sphincter of Oddi relaxation
CCK+ by FAs, AAs
Secretinmade by duodenum
Secretin+ pancreatic HCO3 secretion
Secretin- gastric acid secretion
Secretin+ bile secretion
Secretin+ by acid, FAs in duodenum
Somatostatinmade by pancreatic islets, GI mucosa
Somatostatin- gastric acid and pepsinogen secretion
Somatostatin- pancreatic and small intestine fluid secretion
Somatostatin- Gallbladder contraction
Somatostatin- insulin and glucagon release
Somatostatin+ by acid
Somatostatin- by vagal stimulation

GI regulatory 2

Question Answer
GIPK cells duodenum and jejunum
GIP- gastric H+ secretion
GIP+ insulin release
GIP+ by FFs, AAs, oral glucose
VIPmade by parasympathetic ganglia in sphincters, gallbladder, and small intestine
VIP+ intestinal water and electrolyte secretion
VIP+ relaxation of intestinal smooth muscle and sphincters
VIP+ by distension and vagal stimulation
VIP- by adrenergic input
NO+ smooth muscle relaxation including LES
Motilinmade by small intestine
Motilinproduces migrating motor complexes
Motilin+ in fasting state
Gastric acid and intrinsic factorparietal cells
Gastric acid+ by histamine, Ach, gastrin
Gastric acid- by somatostatin, GIP, prostaglandin
PepsinChief cells
Pepsin+ by vagal stimulation and local acid
VIPomacopious diarrhea
GastrinG cells
CholecystokininI cells
SecretinS cells
SomatostatinD cells

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