USMLE Brain Blood Supply

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Question Answer
MCAmotor cortex- upper limb and face
MCAsensory cortex- upper limb and face
MCAWernicke's and Broca's areas
ACAmotor cortex- lower limb
ACAsensory cortex- lower limb
Lateral Striate Arterystriatum
Lateral Striate Arteryinternal capsule
ASAlateral corticospinal tract
ASA medial lemniscus
ASAcaudal medulla- hypoglossal nerve
PICAlateral medulla- vestibular nuclei, lateral spinothalamic tract, spinal trigeminal nucleus, nucleus ambiguous, sympathetic fibers
PICAinferior cerebellar peduncle
AICAlateral pons- vestibular nuclei, facial nucleus, spinal trigeminal nucleus, cochlear nuclei, sympathetic fibers
AICAmiddle and inferior cerebellar peduncles
PCAoccipital cortex
PCAvisual cortex
Anterior communicatingberry aneurysm, visual field defect
Posterior communicatingberry aneurysm, CN III palsy
Lateral Striate Arterycommon location of lacunar infarcts
PICAhoarseness and dysphagia
AICAfacial droop