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User Quotes

Updated 2010-07-11 18:20


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"This website is AWESOME! ... thank you SO MUCH. Your website ROCKS!!"


"Thanks again ... I honestly believe I could not do this without this site. It continually saves me."


"It was very easy to create a new table with the information that I wanted to memorize.


"Finding this site has made a huge difference in my studying. I'm framing all the material I'm getting now in flashcard format - Q/A. Amazing how it's helping my recall/retention"


"This page took just a moment to create - great example of using the new image wizard."


"I LOVE your site and I'm so grateful that its one of the very few that don't require a login to edit. I'm confident that my students will also as I introduce my lesson with it."


"The site itself is very clean, with all the options super-easy and self-explanatory."


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