Use of ortho appliances to adress problems list

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title is a joke, c'mon. (everyone i sit down with alone for two seconds asks me if i'm going to do ortho... seemed like a page the hypothetical me would make FYI--> don't know what specialties, if any i'll apply to.. and if i go GPR i plan to go VA somewhere)

Question Answer
___ agonists are the first-line treatment for acute asthma attackB2 (selective adrenergic agonist)
specific drug of choice for rapid onset acute attackAlbuterol
drug that prevents release of histamine from mast cellsCromolyn
Theophylline- what does it do? ALL OF THE ABOVE (so list them) antagonizes ______, inhibits ______ & has the adverse effect of _____ stimulationantagonizes adenosine, inhibits phosphodiesterase, adverse affect is cardiac stimulation
t/f: Montelukast is an ORAL effective selectivally LTD4 antagonistTRUE (leukotriene synthesis inhibitor)
t/f: Knowledge of use of corticosteroids and other drugs is helpful to avoid drug interactions and contraindications in dentistryTRUE
Which of the following is mucolytic? Acetylene, Cysteine, AcetylcysteineAcetylcysteine
T/F: Corticosteroids are autocoids, endocrine hormones, and sometimes neurotransmittersTrue (All of the above is answer)
T/F: Peripheral anti-histamines (fexofenadine/Allegra, levocabastine/Livastin, loratadine/Claritin) induce serious sedationFalse
T/F: Anti-histamine useful in anaphylaxisFALSE (Epinephrine is the life-saving drug in anaphylaxis)
Cimentidine and rantidine... what class? what do they do?H2 receptor Antagonist, inhibit gastric acid production (cimetidine has serious drug interactions; rantidine used in babies)
T/F: Cimitidine causes gymecomastia, impotency, & CNS effectsTrue (all of the above)
Which of these is not one of Misoprostol's actions: induce abortions, inhibit PGE-1, treat NSAID-induced ulcers, increases mucousDOES NOT inhibit PGE-1 (it is a synthetic PGE-1 derivative)
T/F: Antibiotics are used in combination tx of ulcer therapyTRUE
T/F: Glucocorticoids made in adrenal cortex while minercorticoids in medullaFALSE (both made in cortex, just different zones of cortex)
All of the following are glucocorticoids except: Aldosterone, Cortisol, Prednisone, TriamcinoloneAldosterone (mineralocorticoid)
Glucocorticoids are used for which (or all or none): an adjunct to produce sedation, anti-inflammatory, treat liver glucose depositionall of the above (page 24,27,28)
______ is prodrug of PhenobarbitalPrimidone (metabolized by liver --> Phenobarbital)
List the 3 (total) the opoid and opioid-like antidiarrhealscodeine, loperamide, Diphenoxylate
PPI's (the "azoles") block action of what membrane-bound enzyme... and are treatment of choice of choice for Gastric acid overproduction (list the most common/cheapest)H+/K+ ATPase pump; Omeprazole**
list 5 Cimetidine adverse effectimpotency, gynecomastia, and drug interactions (P450 inhibitor), impairment of renal function (decline in GFR), CNS effects (dizziness, lethargy, hallucinations, seizures)
Which antacid is combined w/ Al(OH)3?magnesium hydroxide
t/f: Mag OH has both laxative and antacid effecttrue
_______ is an antimuscarinic (M1 antagonist) from the GIT lecture that is not used in the US... decreases digestion and secretionPirenzepine (not selective)
Which of these 3 stimulates saliva and which are antisialogogues: Scopolamine, Pilocarpine, propanthelineScopolamine & Propantheline are antisialaogogues and pilocarpine stimualtes saliva
from these antiemetics, which are effective for motion sickness: Benadryl, Scopolamine, Metoclopramide, cannabinoidsBenadryl
Most common 5-HT3 antagonistOndansetron (may be given as injection or oral tablet that disintegrates)
T/F: Docusate is NOT COMMONLY used as a laxativeFALSE (it is the MOST COMMON)
t/f: Bulk-forming agents absorb water, increase pressure and peristalsisTrue