US Supreme Court Cases

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Schenck v. US1st Amendment does not allow anti-war protest during formal war
Abrams v. US1st Amendment allows government to send troops into a nation's civil war w/o formal declaration of war
Gitlow v. New York14th Amendment incorporates 1st Amendment's free speech clause and applies to states
Near v. Minnesota1st Amendment denies prior restraint of media unless troops put in harm's way; Near Dictum is law
Powell v. Alabama6th Amendment requires defendants have a right to a good legal council: Scottsboro boys case; first time federal constitutional criminal standards are required in state criminal trials.
DeJonge v. Oregon1st Amendment allows one to attend a peaceful Communist Party rally


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Lovell v. Griffin1st Amendment allows religious groups to distribute literature without city permit
Edwards v. CaliforniaArticle 1, Section 8, Clause 3 allows poor people to travel across state lines to live and work; case overturned California's "anti-Okie" state law during the Great depression
Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire1st Amendment does not protect profane public speech; Fighting Words Doctrine established
West Virginia v. Barnette1st Amendment allows school children a right not to salute nation's flag
Hannegan vs. Esquire1st Amendment denies government the ability to deny mailing of items deemed offensive
Everson v. Board of Education1st Amendment Establishment Clause has "Wall of Separation" with regard to Church and State


Dennis v. US: 1st Amendment does not protect speech about communism; talk can cause conviction
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Kunz v. New York1st Amendment allows person's public speech although earlier civil disorder
Rochin v. California14th Amendment Due Process clause outlaws "conduct that shocks conscience"
Watkins v. US1st Amendment denies government/HUAC power to force testimony re Communist Part
Trop v. Dulles8th Amendment denies government power to strip one's US citizenship for being WWII deserter
Mapp v. Ohio4th Amendment Exclusionary Rule(barring legally seized evidence) applies to state/local police


Engel v. Vitale 1st Amendment declares "it is no part of the business of the government to compose official prayers"
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Abingdon v. Schempp1st Amendment prohibits state in-school Bible reading law; upholds ruling in Engel
Gideon v. Wainwright6th Amendment requires states to provide poor people charged with a felony free legal aid
Escobedo v. Illlinois6th Amendment right to counsel requires a questioned by police lawyer to have a lawyer
Jacobellis v. Ohio 1st Amendment allows theaters to show porn films
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NY Times v. Sullivan1st Amendment allows media criticism of "public" persons


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Bagget v. Bullitt1st Amendment prohibits state loyalty oaths of state employees because of vagueness
US v. Seeger 1st Amendment gives CO status to anti-war religious protestors with no belief in supreme being
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Griswold v. Connecticut1st/4th/5th/9th Amendments give person implied marital privacy via 14th Amendment
Miranda v. Arizona5th Amendment right against self-incrimination+6th Amendment right to counsel apply to police suspects; "Miranda warnings" require police must inform suspects of rights before questioning them
Bond v. Floyd1st Amendment prevents government from denying legislators w/ unpopular beliefs their elected seats
Loving v. Virginia14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause allows"freedom to marry"; ends 17 state racial restrictions


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Epperson v. Arkansas1st Amendment allows teaching "mankind ascended/descended from lower order of animals"
Brandenburg v. Ohio1st Amendment allows unpopular political advocacy; 1949 Smith Act and all state sedition laws. Distinction between words and actions
Tinker v. Des Moines1st Amendment symbolic speech allows school kids to protest; they don;t "shed constitutional rights to freedom of speech/expression at schoolhouse gate"
Roe v. WadeBill of Rights allows women control over their bodies to end a pregnancy in the first 6 months
US v. NixonBill of Rights holds a government leader is not above the law and not beyond reach of judicial review
Gregg v. Georgia8th Amendment prohibition against "cruel and unusual punishment" does allow capital punishment;states can invoke death penalty if state laws are standard/race neutral;ends 4 years w/o executions
Texas v. Johnson1st Amendment symbolic speech allows one to protest by burning US flag
Planned Parenthood v. Casey14th Amendment upholds abortions performed prior to viability of fetus in 7th month
Reno v. ACLU1st Amendment denies Act of Congress to censor Internet/banning "indecent" speech as avgue
Lawrence v. TexasBill of Rights does not allow government to violate right to privacy/sexual behavior of gays/lesbians
Brown v. Board of EducationSperate is not equal; ends racial segregation


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McCullough v. MarylandStates cannot tax a federal bank
Plessy v. Ferguson: Separate is equal, allows segregation; recognizes Jim Crow laws