US Naval History (Part 3)

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This is a guide to the history of the United States Navy based on the information in the July 2009 revision of the Navy Recruit Trainee Guide. This guide will be divided into multiple parts. This part covers important people, ships, missions, innovations and events from Persian Gulf War to the War on Terrorism.


For the Revolutionary War to the transitional period after the Spanish-American War, see US Naval History (Part 1)
For World War I to the Vietnam War, see US Naval History (Part 2)
For the relationship between the Navy Core Values and U.S. Naval history, the mission of the U.S. Navy, the mission of the U.S. Navy in the future, according to the Sea Power 21 plan and the mission and components of the U.S. Navy Reserve, see US Naval History (Part 4)

Persian Gulf War (Desert Storm) (1991)

Started because of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August of 1990. 21,000 Reservists were recalled to active duty.


Question Answer
What was the role of the Navy in the Persian Gulf War?Used aircraft launched from carriers to attack enemy targets. Performed minesweeping operations. Blockaded Iraqi ports
When did the coalition force drive the Iraqi military from Kuwait?February 1991
When was the cease-fire resolution passed?March 1991
Who passed the cease-fire resolution?United Nations Security Council

Campaign in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Yugoslavia (1992-2000)

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, four republics of the communist country of Yugoslavia chose to become independent nations; i.e., Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Macedonia. Opposition by forces from the remaining portion of Yugoslavia and Bosnian Serb irregulars created a period of violence, which included the mass killing of Muslim and Croatian civilians.


Question Answer
What did the Navy carrier-based aircraft provide air cover for?U.S. Cargo aircraft that transported supplies to civilians in Bosnia. UN Peacekeepers in Bosnia-Herzegovina by enforcing a no-fly zone against Bosnian Serb and Yugoslav aircraft.
Where did U.S. Navy ships blockade to prevent shipment of arms to Yugoslav aircraft?Adriatic Sea
How did U.S. Naval forces bomb enemy targets?Land and carrier-based aircraft. Missiles launched from ships at sea.

First Women assigned to a combat ship


Question Answer
When were women first assigned to a combat ship?March 1994
Where were these women assigned?USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Attack on USS Cole (DDG 67)


Question Answer
When was the USS Cole attacked?October 2000
Where was the USS Cole attacked?the port of Aden, Yemen
Describe the attack on the USS ColeThe Cole was struck by a small boat carrying two terrorists and several hundred pounds of explosives. The blast ripped a hole amidships on the port side killing seventeen Sailors.

War on Terrorism (October 2001-present)


Question Answer
How did the Navy support the relief effort following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center?USNS Comfort docked in Manhattan in September and October of 2001 to support relief workers.
How does the Navy support the war on terrorism?Using Carrier based aircraft and sea-launched missiles to attack enemy land targets in Afghanistan and Iraq.