US History - The American Promise - Identification Quiz - Chapters, 17-20

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Andrew Carnegie became a popular hero to the late-nineteenth-century American public because of his rise from poverty and his philanthropy.Andrew Carnegie
In the 1880s, Standard Oil pioneered the holding company when the federal government declared that the trust violated free trade.Standard Oil
By the end of the nineteenth century, Thomas A. Edison's invention of electricity had come to symbolize the city.Thomas A. Edison's
The financier John Pierpont Morgan acted as a power broker in the late-nineteenth-century reorganization of American railroads and the consolidation of various industries.John Pierpont Morgan
According to late-nineteenth-century social Darwinists, evolution and progress were the result of relentless competition between groups and Darwinists
Andrew Carnegie's 1889 book, "The Gospel of Wealth", encouraged the wealthy to practice philanthropy and live modestly but won few converts.Andrew Carnegie's
Elizabeth Cady Stanton lamented the conflation of citizenship with manhood.Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Patronage in urban areas saw the Democrats influence immigrants and working-class Catholic and Jewish voters by opposing the closure of taverns on Sundays.Democrats
Cross-racial alliances like the Readjusts rested on the belief that universal political rights benefited all men.Readjusters
Reconstruction in the South ended with the 1876 election of Rutherford B. Hayes to the presidency.Rutherford B. Hayes
In the 1870s, the Stalwarts were a Republican faction that remained loyal to the Grant administration and were tainted by its corruption.Stalwarts
The Republicans chose James A. Garfield as their presidential nominee in the 1880 election because they did not want to choose between the different Republican factions.James A. Garfield
Industrialists and westerners benefited from high tariffs and objected to talk of their reduction in the late nineteenth century.Industrialists and westerners
The 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act was used four times to outlaw unions, labeling them a "conspiracy in restraint of trade."Sherman Antitrust Act
During the depression of the 1890s, John Pierpont Morgan saved the Unites States from going bankrupt with his plan for private bankers to purchase gold abroad and supply it to the treasury.John Pierpont Morgan

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The slogan of the Carlisle School of Pennsylvania was "To civilize the Indian, get him into civilization. To keep him civilized, let him stay."Carlisle School of Pennsylvania
Gigantic steam engines known as Cornish pumps removed water from the mine shafts along the Comstock.Cornish pumps
American presidents Rutherford B. Hayes and Ulysses. S. Grant visited Virginia City in the 1870s.Ulysses. S. Grant
Arizona Territory governor John C. Frémont was prevented from surveying the Grand Canyon for want of a horse.John C. Frémont
Miners traveled to Colorado in 1890 after gold was discovered in Cripple Creek .Cripple Creek
Hundreds of thousands of farmers left Kansas and Nebraska after a lengthy drought in the late 1880s and early 1890s.Kansas and Nebraska
By the late 1880s, cotton production began to supplant cattle ranching in southeastern TexasTexas
In California, less than 1 percent of the population owned one-half of the land by the
The development of large-scale irrigation in the 1870s and 1880s supported the switch from wheat to fruit and sugar beet farming in California.fruit and sugar beet
Exodusters, migrants from Mississippi and Louisiana, relocated in the 1870s to farm lands in Kansas.Exodusters
In 1868, the federal government signed the Treaty of Fort Laramie with the Sioux, giving them land from the Missouri River to the Black Hills in return for their promise to stop fighting.Treaty of Fort Laramie
In the 1870s and 1880s, the U.S. army relied on Indian scouts to hunt down Apaches in southern Arizona and northern Mexico and force them onto reservations.Apaches
Sioux adherents to the Ghost Dance religion taught their followers that the wearing of white ghost shirts made Indians immune to bullets, leading to white fears of an Indian uprising.the Ghost Dance religion
The vision of the Wild West that Buffalo Bill presented in the 1880s was a mix of authenticity and romance and had an enormous impact on the popular understanding of the region.Buffalo Bill
In 1893, historian Frederick Jackson Turner argued that the retreating frontier was what made the United States unique.Frederick Jackson Turner

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Chicago was among the fastest growing cities in the United States, doubling its population each decade from 1860 until, in 1890, it had a population of over a million.Chicago
The Jews who immigrated from eastern Europe in the late nineteenth century generally intended to stay in the United States permanently.Jews
African Americans jailed for minor crimes in the late-nineteenth-century South often were forced to work as laborers on prison chain gangs.African Americans
Erected in 1886, the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France.the Statue of Liberty
In the late nineteenth century, the advent of mass transit changed urban areas from walking cities to cities marked by social segregation.mass transit
Although seven states had limited children's work hours to forty-eight per week, the laws often were not enforced.children's
The 1890 census revealed that 25 percent of married African American women worked outside the home.25 percent
In 1872, Andrew Carnegie hired ironworker Captain William Jones as his plant superintendent.Captain William Jones
By the 1890s, white native-born women constituted over 90 percent of the female clerical force in the United States.90 percent
By the late nineteenth century, department stores had become a symbol of a new customer culture.department stores
The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 taught workers the power of concerted action.Great Railroad Strike of 1877
The Knights of Labor was founded in 1869 by Uriah Stephens.Uriah Stephens
Samuel Gompers formed the American Federation of Labor in 1886 to coordinate the labor activities of craft unions throughout the United States.craft unions
After an 1893 investigation, Governor John Peter Altgeld blamed police captain John "Blackjack" Bonfield for the violence of the 1886 Haymarket riot.police captain John "Blackjack" Bonfield
After the 1886 Haymarket riot, the American Federation of Labor became the dominant voice of American labor.the American Federation of Labor
By the mid-nineteenth century, the majority of domestic servants in the United States were immigrants .immigrants
In the late nineteenth century, increasing numbers of young workingwomen used dance halls as places to meet prospective halls
According to Mark Twain, baseball was symbolic of the energy and drive of the nineteenth
The ideology called the cult of domesticity dictated that the woman's place was in the home.the cult of domesticity
Ownership of a home marked a major divide between the working poor and middle class in late-nineteenth-century America.a home
City bosses like William Marcy Tweed of New York City's Tammany Hall used bribery and graft to run urban governments.William Marcy Tweed
Accessible even to the illiterate, the cartoons of Thomas Nast in the pages of Harper's Weekly revealed the excesses of the New York ward bosses.Thomas Nast
In late-nineteenth-century Chicago, the skyscraper became the most fitting symbol of modern America and corporate power.Chicago
In San Francisco in 1873, Andrew Smith Hallidie conquered the city's hills with a system of cable cars.cable cars
The architect Louis Sullivan branded the White City constructed for the 1893 Columbian Exposition a "virus" for its celebration of neoclassical and Renaissance styles."virus"

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In the late nineteenth century, ______________ favored large grain elevator companies over farmers by charging higher rates for a short haul than a long haul. railroads
In 1886, ______________ reached out to striking railroad workers by arguing that they had interests in common. the Farmers' Alliance
Richard Manning Humphrey served as general superintendent of the ______________, which claimed a membership of 1.2 million in 1891. Colored Farmers' Alliance
The idea of the ______________ was a centerpiece of the Populists' demand for economic democracy and became an article of faith in the South. subtreasury
The Populist Party's endorsement of ______________ represented an effort to address the need of farmers for cheaper currency and easier credit. free silver
A strike broke out at Andrew Carnegie's ______________ in 1892 when Carnegie refused to negotiate with the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers. Homestead mill
In the spring of ______________, a Wall Street crash resulted in almost half of working Americans joining the ranks of the unemployed. 1893
The 1893 Pullman strike caused ______________, the leader of the American Railway Union, to become a socialist. Eugene V. Debs
In the Cripple Creek miners' strike of 1894, the refusal of ______________ to use the power of the state against the strikers contributed significantly to a victory for the mine workers. Governor Davis H. Waite
President Grover Cleveland called out the U.S. army to put a stop to the ______________. Pullman strike of 1894
______________, the new president of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union in the late nineteenth century, urged her followers to take social action to achieve temperance and suffrage. Frances Willard
By 1890, the National American Woman Suffrage Association launched campaigns on the ______________ to gain the vote for women. state level
______________ became the second president of the National American Suffrage Association in 1892. Susan B. Anthony
Under the leadership of Frances Willard, the WCTU aligned itself with the ______________ to press for better working conditions for women.Knights of Labor
Suffragists won the right to vote in Colorado, Idaho, and ______________ by 1896. Utah
Ultimately, ______________ 1894 march on Washington was important because it dramatized the plight of the unemployed. Jacob S. Coxey's
In 1892, Populist ______________ attempted to "wipe out the color line" that divided white and black farmers despite their common interests. Tom Watson of Georgia
Nebraskan ______________ passionate call for fresh silver sent the 1896 Democratic presidential convention into a frenzy. William Jennings Bryan's
In the 1896 presidential election, much of the South voted for ______________ ticket. the Democratic
Sometimes referred to as the Commonweal of Christ, ______________ called into question the underlying values of the new industrial order emerging in the 1890s. Coxey's army
As the United States emerged as a major power in the late nineteenth century, it found itself primarily pitted against ______________, both of whom threatened its expansionist policies. Germany and Japan
In the late nineteenth century, the federal government worked actively to strengthen the ______________ by asserting American hegemony in the Western Hemisphere. Monroe Doctrine
In 1858, the Tientsin treaty admitted foreign missionaries to ______________. China
In the late nineteenth century, many Americans, like ______________, believed that an expansionist foreign policy was key to continued growth of national production. Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan
In 1901, European powers imposed ______________ on China, giving Europeans the right to maintain military forces in Beijing and requiring the Chinese government to pay an indemnity of $333 million. the Boxer Protocol
Spanish general ______________ tried to extinguish Cuban revolutionary activity by herding thousands of Cubans into concentration camps. Valeriano Weyler
American ______________ in the 1890s were wary of the prospect of entering a war with leaders
After the 1898 explosion of the ______________ and the American Congress's declaration of war, more than 235,000 American men enlisted. Maine
Five days after President McKinley signed the resolution declaring war with Spain, Admiral ______________ scored a major victory over the Spanish in the Philippines.George Dewey
After gaining the Philippines from Spain in 1898, the United States spent seven years fighting ______________ to gain control of the archipelago. Filipino revolutionaries

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