US History Test 3

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Question Answer
Daniel Webstersenator, argued for the supremacy of the federal government
Henry Claysuggested making Maine a free state in order to have an equal number office and slave states also a War Hawk from KY
Gabriel ProsserBlack artisan (blacksmith) who argued that blacks should fight to obtain the same rights as whites
Meriwether LewisSent by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the flora and fauna of the Missouri and Columbia Rivers to the Pacific Ocean
Chesapeake AffairU.S. frigate fired upon by British in 1807
Toussaint L’Ouvertureslave; self-educated military genius; fought against Napoleon
Bill of Rights 1st ten amendments to the Constitution
Whiskey RebellionPennsylvania farmers protesting the excise tax on whiskey
War HawksCongressmen from the South and West who wanted to go to war against Great Britain
Charles Finneyimportant leader during 2nd great awakening

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Alien and Sedition Acts acts passed by Congress to stop the advancement of immigrants and propaganda against the Federalists
Whigpolitical party; second party in America, the Whigs disappeared
William Harrisonfamous for Battle of Fallen timbers, later became President
Philip Honeex- New York mayor who gave flowering details of aristocracy
William Crawfordran for president in 1824, got caucus nomination, but not the office
Black Hawkleader of Indian Nation that the settlers wanted out of north Illinois
John C. CalhounSouth Carolina Senator
John Quincy AdamsSecretary of State under President James Monroe
Embargo Act of 1807Forbade the export of all goods from the U.S.
Treaty of GhentEnded the War of 1812

Section 3

Question Answer
Edmund Randolf introduced the “Big State” or Virginia Plan
Elbridge Gerryrefused to sign constitution because of the lack of a Bill of Rights
Richard Henry Lee Ardent anti-federalist
James MadisonFather of the Constitution
Democrat-Republicans Political party which advocated a weak central government
Treaty of GreenvilleIndians ceded Ohio to U.S.
Samuel ChaseSupreme Court justice who denounced Jefferson from the bench; impeached
SquatterPerson occupying land hoping someday to gain title to it

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