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Marco Poloauthor of work sometimes called the Adventures of Marco Polo
Prince Henry the Navigator credited as the inventor of the sextant, a device that used a compass and the stars to give direction to mariners.
Leif EricsonViking, son of Eric the Red; came to Newfoundland and established a colony in Greenland
Pocahontasmember of the Powatan Tribe; stayed in Jamestown after John Smith left; was captured and held so that the natives wouldn’t attack.
Tenochtitlanancient capital of the Aztecs; close to present day Mexico City
King FerdinandKing of Spain at the time of Columbus
Line of Demarcation A north-to-south line that divided the whole world, outside Europe, between Portugal and Spain
Sir Walter Raleighhelped to convince the queen of England that the New World was the perfect opportunity to get back at Spain; founded the colony of Roanoke Island.
Anne Hutchinsonsaid that the elect of God could talk directly to God; she was charged as being too masculine
John RolfePocahontas’ husband. Grew tobacco

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John Winthropwanted an ideal society where aliens and enemies would love each other; governor of colony in Massachusetts
Roger WilliamsA separatist in Congregational church; he said that talking land away from native Americans was wrong; said Puritans had no right to force religion on anyone. Founded Providence, Rhode Island
James Oglethorpefounded Georgia
William Pennreceived a charter for land between New York and Maryland; the land that is now Pennsylvania
Cecilius Calvert2nd Lord Baltimore
Thomas Hookerfounded Connecticut
Nathaniel Baconled a rebellion against governor of Virginia, William Berkeley
William Berkeleygovernor of Virginia wanted peace with the Native Americans
Oliver CromwellPuritan leader in Parliament; overthrew Charles I ruled until 1658
Francisco Pizarro Spanish conquistador who conquered the Incas
Peter StuyvesantGovernor of New Amsterdam

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Jonathan EdwardsProminent minister in the 1st Great Awakening; his most famous sermon was “Sinners in the Hands of Angry God”
John Peter ZengerPublisher from NY advocated freedom of the press
Benjamin Franklin“Father of American Enlightenment;” he was a self-made, self-educated man; wrote Poor Richards Almanac
MetacometKnown as King Philip; led Indians in war against white colonists
Kentucky Riflelong-barreled muzzle-loading rifle that that was very accurate
John LockeWrote a pamphlet Essay on Human Understanding
“New Lights’ group that rebelled against the established church during the Great Awakening
“Old Lights” gave great amount of power to people holding high positions in the church
Halfway Covenant 1662 Ministers wrote this saying that parents could have their children baptized even if the parents weren’t; but they wouldn’t be church members
George Whitefield spread revival spirit throughout the colonies; circuit-riding preacher;
Iroquois Indiansgroup in Massachusetts began Iroquois Confederacy
Bay Psalm Book published during Great Awakening; first book published in the colonies

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