US History Chapter 20-21 Review

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Section 1

Question Answer
What title was given to M.L.K.'s bus tour?Freedom Rights
American Austronaut who orbited the Earth three times.John Glenn
Non-violent protests M.L.K. promoted?Sit-ins
Malcom X was a member ofThe Nation of Islam
An organization founded my Martin Luther King Junior in the SouthSCLC
Organization formed in the 60s to promote women's rightsN.O.W.

Section 2

Question Answer
Program designed to pay for OLD PEOPLE's medical billsMedicare
The Act Designed to end housing segregationCivil Rights Act of 1968
Man blamed for assassinating M.L.K.James Earl Ray
Name for Kennedy's social policiesThe New Frontier
Black leader who started using the term "Black power"Carmichael
Woman who protested bus segregationRosa Parks

Section 3

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List three reasons J.F.K. won the election1. Younger and better looking 2. Black support 3. Ties with the Mafia
Space program created in the 1950s that Kennedy poured money intoNASA
Court case that reversed Plessy vs. FergusonBrown vs. Board of Education in Topeka, Kansas
Title given to Johnson's extension on the New DealThe Great Society
Act that extended the amount of foreigners Immigration Act of 1965
Treaty Kennedy and the USSR signedLimited Test Band Treaty

Section 4

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List three reasons J.F.K. should have lost the election1. No experience 2. Too young 3. Father was a bootlegger
Femenist that led N.O.W. Betty Friedan
Nickname given to descrimination lawsJim Crow Laws
Act that granted equal rights to all minoritiesCivil Rights Act of 1964
Quota System is also called theAffirmative Action
Act that granted voting rights to all citizens Civil Rights Act of 1965

Section 5

Question Answer
A program J.F.K. started that sent young people to better bad conditions in other countriesThe Peace Corps
Two organizations promoting Black Power1. The Black Panthers 2. Nation of Islam
Cops have to recite this at every arrestMiranda Rights
Man blamed for killing J.F.KLee Harvey Oswald
Commission that decreed who killed J.F.K.Warren Commission
Act under Johnson that provided aid to YOUNG PEOPLE.Medicaid