US foreign policy

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1920league of nations
1921Quota Actrestricted immigration
1922Fordney-McCumber Acthighest import tariffs + Washington Conferencetreaty of disarmament (55322°
1924Johnson-Reed Actrestricting immigration againespecially asian (seen as racist)
1933Good Neighbour Policyno intervene in Latin America's foreign affairs
1935-1937Neutrality lawslimit the power of Roosevelt (wanted to get involved in EU) by forbidding the sell of armements to EU
1924 and 1929Dawes and Young Plan
1928Briand-Kellogg Actpromising not to use war to resolve poroblems
1937Quarantine Speech of Rooseveltwanted to prepare USA for the worst, not well received + Rape of Nanking ont of the most violent episode of 20th century, so strong isolationism that US didn't intervene
1939Cash and Carry Actreplacing NL, allowing sell of goods
1941Lend Lease Actsame as CC but weapons + Atlantic Charter (basis of the UN)
1945Yalta and Postdam Conferencepreparing post-war period + division of Germany + UN charter
1947Implementation of the Truman Doctrineagainst communism (provided money and weapons to other countries)
1945-1953Truman presidentvs communism => helping France with Vietnam War
1954Vietnam divided
1957Eisenhower doctrineUS intervening in Middle East to "contain communism"
1964Viet Minh army sank a US boat => Johnson made the congress agree to let US intervene militarily (184000 troups end of 65/500000 end of 68)
1975end of Vietnam War by Nixon = 1,2 million Vietnamese dead and 58000 americans
1979-1980Iron hostage crisis => Carter-savour
1954Baghdad Pact
1957GATT (23 nations)
1958Marshall Plan + Berlin Blockade
1950-1953Korean War
1957Eisenhower Doctrine (using arm forces vs communism)
1959Castro came to power in Cuba
1961Bay of Pigs
1962Cuban missiles crises
1972Nixon in China + SALT (Nixon + Brezhnev)
1975North Vietnam invades and conquers south Vietnam
1978Camp David Accords (Sadat + Begin + Carter)
1979-1981Iran hostage crisis