Urine Crystals

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Question Answer
Calcium Oxalateacid/neutral - envelopes/dumbells - none
Calcium Carbonatealkaline - dumbells - none
Calcium Phosphatealkaline/neutral - irregular - none
amorphous uratesacid - pink, yellow granules - none
amorphous phosphatesalkaline/neutral - white granules - none
uric acidacid - yellow/brown rhomboids - none, gout, chemo
triple phosphatesalkaline - coffin lids, colorless - none
choleterolacid - notched plates - liver disease
cystineacid - hexagon - cystinuria
leucineacid/neutral - concentric circles - liver disease
tyrosineacid/neutral - needles, yellow or colorless - liver disease
bilirubinacid - irregular needles, rhomboids - liver disease

Inborn Errors of Metabolism and others

Question Answer
phenylketonuriaabsence of phenylalinine hydroxylase - phenistix, ferric chloride - blue green color which stays
porphyriaabsence of various enzymes within heme metabolism - ehrlich's reaciton - red on top layer
cystinuriainability of kidney's to absorb cystine - cyanide nitroprusside + reducing substance - magenta, red-orange
multiple myelomamalignancy with IgM production - bence jones protein, protein electrophoresis - pos, M bands

Multistix Test Pads (in order)

Question Answer
pHmethyl red, bromthymol blue
proteintetra bromphenol blue
glucoseglucose oxidase, peroxidase, potassium iodide
ketonessodium nitroprusside
bilirubin2,4 dichloroanaline salt
urobilinogenp-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde (ehrlich)
nitritep-arsanilic acid, 1,2,3,4- tetrahydrobensoquinolin-3-ol
leukocytediazonium salt, amino acid ester
bloodperoxidase, teramethylbenzidine
SGpoly(methyl vinyl) ether, maleic anhydride, bromthymol blue