Urinary System

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HilumLocation of renal artery and vein, ureter
CapsuleFibrous outer coat
CortexOuter Layer
MedullaDeeper layer, made of sections (pyramids)
Renal columnsCortical regions between pyramids
CalyxCup-like regions of the renal pelvis to collect urine
Renal papillaeTip of pyramid with ends of collecting ducts
Renal pelvisCentral region to receive urine
Renal artery/VeinCarry nutrients/oxygen or wastes/carbon dioxide
Segmental arteriesBranch from the renal artery within the renal sinus
Segmental arteriesbranch from the renal artery within the renal sinus
NephronRenal corpuscle and renal tubule to process filtration from blood and make urine, the structural and functional unit
Afferent arterioleleads into glomerulus
GlomerulusCapillary bed in Bowman's capsule, filtration site
Efferent ArterioleLeads out of glomerulus, branching to form capillary networks
Vasa recta networkAround juxtamedullary nephron loop
Bowman's CapsuleReceives plasma, wastes, "extras" drugs, filtrate.
Proximal Convoluted TubuleFirst part, connected to capsule, nutrient reabsorption
Nephron loop Loop from which water is reabsorbed back into blood
Distal Convoluted TubuleLast section, tubular secretion
Collecting ductReceives urine from several distal convoluted tubules and conducts it to the pelvis
UretersTube from kidney to urinary bladder
Urinary bladderMuscular sac to hold urine, behind pubic bone
TrigoneRegion in wall with three openins, two ureters, one urethra
UrethraTube from bladder to outside, long in males and also conducts semen.