Urinary System

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HomeostatsisThe stable internal enviroment
Retroperitoneally Located behindthe lining of the abnormal cavity or ouside the peritneal cavity
NephronThe functional unit of the kidney
GlomerulusA cluster of capillaries surronded by bowans capsule
HilusEach kidney has a concave depression
MedullaInner layer of the kidney
CortexOuter layer of the kidney
Ureterspair of narrow tubes that carry urine from the kidneys of teh urinary bladder
MicturitionHave been used to dicribe the act of exerting urine
ErythropoietinHormone produced by the Juxta glomerulus cell of kidney that stimulates the bone marrow to synthesize red blood cells.

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AntidiureticHormone released by the posterior pituitary gland that surpresses urine formation
UretharaA tube extending from the urinary bladder to the outside of the body
CystocentesisSurgical puncture of the urinary bladder to collect urine
DysuriaDifficult or painfull urination
HematuriaBlood in the urine
NocturiaExcessive urination at night
OliguriaScant or little urine

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PollakiuriaFrequent urination
PyuriaPus in the urine
StanguriaSlow or painful urination
AzotemiaPresence of urea or other nitrogenous elements in the blood
CalculusAbnormal mineral deposit
GlomerulonephritisInflammation of teh kidney involving the glomeruli
NephritisInflammation of the kidneys
UrolithUrinary bladder stone