Urinary System Test

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ur/o, urin/ourine
-uriaurination, urine condition
Ket/o, Keton/oketone bodies

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-poetinsubstances that form
-tripsyto crush

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Tiny surrounding glomerulus receives filtered material from blood.Bowman's Capsule
Two tubes carrying urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder.Ureters
Tubes leading from the bowman's capsule.Renal tubules
Inner region of the kidney.Medulla
Muscular sac that serves as a reservoir for urine.Urinary bladder
Cup-like division of the renal pelvis that receives urine from the renal turbules.Calice

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Tubes that carry urine from the bladder to the outside of the body.Urethra
Central urine collecting basin in the kidneys that narrows into the ureter.Renal pelvis
Capillaries in which materials in the blood are filtered in the bowman's capsule.Glomerulus
Outer region of the kidney.Cortex
Abnormal particles present in the urine. cells, bacteria, crystals.Sediment
High levels of this substance appear in urine when a baby is born. Causes mental retardation.PKU - Phenylketonuria

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Smokey, red urine.Hematuria
Turbid or cloudy urine with pus.Pyuria
Sugar in the urine.Glycosuria
Acidic or alkalidic urine.PH Balance
High levels of acetone and acids accumulate abnormal fat and metabolism.Ketonuria
Dark pigment accumulates in the urine as a result of liver or gallbladder disease.Bilirubinuria

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A test that measures the concentration of urine.Specific gravity
Accumulation of protein in the urine.Albuminuria
The order of the main urinary system organs.Kidneys, ureter, urinary bladder, and urethra
Amount that adults void daily1.5 - 2.5 liters daily
The path that urine travels from the renal arterioles to the point at which the urine leaves the body.1. Renal arteries, 2. glomerulus, 3. Bowman's capsule, 4. renal tubules, 5. renal pelvis, 6. ureter, 7. urinary bladder, 8. urethra, 9. renal meatus

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GlucoseNL (-) Diabetes - hyperthyroidism
BilirubinNL (-) Liver - cirrhosis, hepatitis
KentonesNL (-) Diabetes - excessive vomiting, diabetic acidosis, starvation
Specific gravityNL (1.01 - 1.025) Kidneys - concentrating ability of kidneys
BloodNL (-) Kidneys - renal calculi, sever burns, strenious exercise

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PHNL (4.5 - 8) Kidneys - Metabolic disorders, respiratory disease, UTI treatment
ProteinNL (-) Kidnes - renal disease, muscle injury, high protein diet
UrobilinogenNL (2mg/dL) Liver - hepatities, cirrhosis, liver disease
NitratesNL (-) UTI - cystitis, long standing specimen, antibodies
LeukocytesNL (-) Infections - cystitis, inflammation of urinary tract, organ transplant rejection

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Question Answer
anuriawithout urine
dysuriapainful urination
uremiawastes in the urine
diuresisincreased urine production
enuresisinvoluntary release of urine
incontinenceinability to retain urine

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nocturiaexcessive urination during the night
polyruiaexcretion of large amounts of urine
polydipsiaexcessive thirst
oliguriascanty or small amounts of urine
retentioninability to empty the bladder
urgencyfeeling the need to urinate immediately
frequencythe need to urinate often - no increased output