Urinary System Questions

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What is haematuria?Blood in the urine.
What does T.U.R.P stand for?Transurethral resection of the prostate.
What is urticaria also known as? Hives
What is pruritus?Severe itching of the skin.
What is rhinorrhea?A runny nose.
Why is the right kidney lower than the left?Due to the location of the liver.
What are the measurements of the kidneys?10-12cm long, 5-7cm wide, 3cm thick.
What provides the kidney with a nerve supply?Renal plexus.
What are the four functions of the renal system?1. Excretion. 2. Regulation of ions. 3. Regulation of blood. 4. Regulation of hormones.
What are five hormones produced by the kidneys?1. ADH. 2. Aldosterone. 3. Erythropoietin. 4. Renin. 5. Calcitriol.
What are the measurements of the ureters?25-30cm long, 3mm in diameter.
What are the three layers of the ureteric wall?1. Transitional epithelial mucosa. 2. Smooth muscle muscularis. 3. Fibrous connective tissue adventitia.
Where are the three narrowings of the ureters?1. Pelvi-ureteric junction. 2. Pelvic inlet. 3. Wall of the bladder.
What is the structure of the bladder?A hollow muscular bag.
What is the capacity of the bladder?700-800mls.
What are the three layers of the bladder?1. Transitional epithelial mucosa. 2. Thick muscular layer. 3. Fibrous adventitia.
What is the trigone region?The triangular region that includes both ureters and the urethra.
What is the lengths of both a male and female urethra?1. Male is 20cm. 2. Female is 3.8cm.
What are three clinical indications for a KUB view?1. Recurrent UTIs. 2. Renal colic. 3. Haematuria.
What are the three layers of the female urethra?1. Inner mucous coat. 2. Middle vein rich layer. 3. Outer muscular layer.
What are the two layers of the male urethra?1. Inner mucous coat. 2. Outer submucous tissue.
What are the three components of urine?1. Uric acid. 2. Urea. 3. Creatinine.

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