Urinary system (MO)

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What is the urethra a narrow tube passing from the bladder to the outside of the body. It has an external sphincter which is voluntarily controlled by the central nervous system. = Urinary System
What is a KidneyA kidney is a bean-shaped organs, about 11cm long. Positioned on the posterior wall of the abdoment, either side of the spine, in the upper lumbar part of the back.
Blood volumea quarter of the total blood in circulation passes through the kidneys in order to be filtered of toxic substances before recirculating.
Structure of the kidneythe cortex on the outside and the medulla on the inside. The medulla leads into an area called the pelvis (or renal pelvis).
Hilumis the concave centre of the kidney, at thius point that blood vesels, lymphatic vessels, nerves and the ureter enter the organ.
Nephronskidney tissue is made up of over million twisted tubes. they are work as filtration and excretion
what is kidney tissue made of Nephrons
functions of the kidneyis to filter the nblood, reabsorb ueful materials needed by the body and form urine.
What is the renal pelvis is is a funnel-shapped cavity which connects the medulla to the ureter.
The functions of renal pelvisit collects urine from the tubules in the medulla and passes it into the ureter
What are ureters?The tubes which connect the kidneys to the bladder.
Functions of uretersto take urine from the kidneys to the bladder
What is the bladder is a sac-like organ in the pelvic cavity
Function of the bladdera reservoir for urine. when about 200ml of urine has been collected, the presence of the liquid stimulates the automic nerve ending in the bladder wall and the walls contract.
Functions of urethra to take urine from inside the bladder to outside.
There are 3 stages of filtration and urine production filtration in the bowman's capsule, re-absorption in the convoluted tubules, collection in the pelvic calyces
How does blood enter the kidneysBlood enters the kidneys via the afferent arterioles
What is the purpose of bowman's capsuleit serves as the collection point for the waste products carried in the blood.
What are the functions of nephronsthey are to reabsorbed those that are not waste and than excretion
How many % has been excreted as urineonly 1% of the liquid filtered into th bowman's capsule is actually excreted as urine.
What is excreted composition of urinecomposed of 96% water, 2%urea and 2% other substances
CystitisInflammation of the bladder, causing pain when urinating.
Kidney stonesdeposits of substances found in urine which form solid stones within the renal pelvis, bladder or ureters. extremely painful.
Nephritis or Bright's diseaseinflammation of the kidney.
Diabetes insipidus (DI)impaired ADH production by the pituitary gland, or response to it by the kidney. Causes excessive urine production so toxins in the body become too concentrated.