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Describe Uranus' position from the sun.The seventh planet from the sun.
Who discovered Uranus, and when?British astronomer William Herschel, 1781
Uranus was named after who?The Greek god of the sky, Ouranos, married to Mother Earth.
What colour is Uranus, and why? It is blue-green. This is the result of methane in its hydrogen-helium atmosphere.
Uranus is _________% of 3 things. What is the percentage and what are the 3 things?80% of fluid mix of water, methane, and ammonia ices.
Uranus has an odd orientation, why?Uranus is tilted so far that it essentially orbits the sun on its side, with the axis of its spin nearly pointing at the star.
Why does Uranus have a weird tilt?One theory is that Uranus was hit by a planet sized body, or several small bodies soon after it was formed.
Describe Uranus' seasons.The unusual tilt of Uranus results in 20 year old seasons. For nearly a quarter of the Uranian year (84 Earth years), the sun shines directly over each pole, leaving the other half freezing and fuck for a long time.
Why was Uranus' rings a significant discovery?They helped astronomers understand that rings are the common feature of some planets, not merely a peculiarity of Saturn.
How many sets of rings does Uranus have?2
How many known rings are around Uranus?13, currently.
Describe Uranus' inner system of rings.The inner system consists of narrow, dark rings.
Describe Uranus' outer system of rings.2 more distant rings, which are brightly coloured. One is red, the other blue.
What is the temperature of Uranus?About -200 degrees C.
How long does Uranus take to orbit the sun?84 years.
How many moons does Uranus have?27
How long does Uranus take to spin, and how?17 hours, backwards
Describe the atmosphere.Mostly hydrogen, with some helium and methane.
Describe the composition.25% rock, 60-70% ice, and the rest hydrogen and helium.
Describe the axial tilt.About 98 degrees.

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