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Question Answer
65. Bhakra dam is on which river? - Sutlej
66. Where is the annual annual rainfall? - Amazon basin
67. What is the meaning of 'devaluation'? - Reduce the value of domestic currency compared to the soil of other countries.
68. What is the lowest population of India? - Sikkim
69. Eastern European Countries Where is the first notable accident causing a catastrophe, a nuclear reactor, where is it? - chernovol
70. Where is the Silent Valley (Silent Valley) located? - Kerala
71. Who made popular Indian classical dance abroad? - Uday Shankar
72. Which is the largest single island in India? - Great Nicobar Island
73. 'Rukar of India' is the name of which river basin? - Damodar
74. Who was Jain Tirthankar first? - Rishabh
75. What type of forest is the largest area in India? - tropical moist deciduous forests
76. Which category best describes the BIOS? - Farmware
77. How much saltwater is the average salt water? - 3.5%
78. What is the most important item of a non-plan expenditure? - interest paid
79. The World University Grants Commission was formed on whose recommendation? - Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Commission
80. Which plateau is known as India's mineral 'heart country'? - Chota Nagpur Plateau
81. Who is the male singles champion of French Open 2016? - Novak Djokovok
82. Which substance is removed from the water? - Bromine
83. Where is the origin of the western disturbances which causes rain in the northwestern India? - Mediterranean Sea
84. Who is the leading garment manufacturing center? - Maharashtra
85. Which technology is used for internet access by telecommunication transmission on the telephone network's wires? - Digital Subscriber Line
86. What is the main objective of India's Twelfth Five Year Plan? - Fast, continuous and more inclusive development
87. Coming under the authority of constitutional remedies? - Fundamental Rights
88. Which year was the Kisan Credit Card Scheme implemented? - 1998-99
89. What are the official languages ​​of the United Nations? - English, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Spanish
90. For the purpose of promoting Madhya Pradesh scheme in 1995? - Universalizing Primary Education
91. Which organization organized by Ras Behari Bose was a forerunner of the Indian Independence League? - Indian National Army
2. What important person had participated in all three 'Round Table Conferences'? - B R Ambedkar
93. On whose birthday was the birth anniversary of 'Janani Suraksha Yojana' for the purpose of organizing the programs implemented for the welfare of women and children? - Kasturba Gandhi
94. What is the spinal cord of Indian economy? - agricultural sector
95. Economic survey is published by whom? - Ministry of Finance
96. How many members can be nominated by the President in the Rajya Sabha? - 12
97. Hunter Commission gave more emphasis on whose development? - Primary education
98. Which language was written in 'Lingarakshas' written by Visakhadatta? - Sanskrit
99. How much cash prize is given in Dhyan Chand Awards? - Rupee. 5,00,000
100. Who was the first puppet Mughal emperor? - Jahangir Shah
101. Who is the brand ambassador of 'Skil India' campaign? - Sachin Tendulkar
102. Which is the treasure of the treasure by famous music maestro Ustad Binda Khan? - stringed instrument
103. Which principle of leadership is considered as complete and scientific? - The principle of multiplexing
104. Which is the top rated officer in the Indian Navy? - Admiral
105. On which mission did former United States President Bill Clinton visit Jaworuli village near Lucknow? - diarrhea
106. What is the smallest day in the Southern Hemisphere? - 21st June
107. Who led the movement against the partition of Bengal (1905)? - Surendranath Banerjee
108. 'Nimbus' represents which cloud? - Rain clouds
109. What is the Canadian Pacific Railway moving between? - Vancouver and Halifax
110. Who has the power to declare an area as scheduled area for the protection of Scheduled Tribes? - President of India
111. When did the 'Asra Yojana' of Uttar Pradesh come into force? - 2013
112. Under which article of the Constitution of India is the power of issuing the Ordinance of the Governor of the states? - Article 213
113. What is the main feature of 'mixed farming'? - Animal husbandry and crop production together
114. In which state is 'Sewni Darbar' newsletter published by women and for women? - Madhya Pradesh
115. Which Sikh Guru compiled etc.? - Guru Arjun Dev
116. Who established the Tulu's dynasty? - Nar Narasimha
117. Who was the Muslim who attacked India for the first time? - Mohammad bin Qasim
118. Where is the world's largest Wi-Fi network established? - Patna
119. Which countries cross the equator? - Colombia, Kenya Indonesia
120. When was the establishment of an alternative energy development institute for the development of alternative energy in Uttar Pradesh? - 1983
121. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared 'smart city' in India? - 100
122. Where is the Cajin Kum Desert situated? - Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan
123. What is the main drainage system of the rivers of south India? - tree-tree
124. Uttar Pradesh migratory day is celebrated? - 4th of January
125. Which Ministry has started the 'Ipace' and 'Infracon' facility? - Ministry of Road Transport
126. What is the number of climatic climatic zones in Uttar Pradesh? - 9
127. How long can the Central Vigilance Commissioner stay on his post? - 4 years or 65 years of age
128. Where is the Stutter Bird Sanctuary located? - Kerala
129. Which country is the fifth largest in terms of total area? - Brazil
130. Was the first International Yoga Day celebrated globally? - 21st of June 2015
131. Who is the state bird of Uttar Pradesh? - Stork
132. Who published 'Indu Prakash' in 1962? - Justice Ganade
133. Where is Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Museum and Library situated? - Rampur
134. Where is the birthplace of Amir Khusro? - Kasganj
135. What are the computers in the computer? - CD ROM
136. What is the detailed form of ALU? - Arithmetic Logic Unit
137. Who is the newly created High Court? - Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura
138. Which is the only state in India where there is a provision of general civil code? - Goa
139. Who was the chief guest at the Republic Day 2016 ceremony? - Barack Obama
140. Who is the creator of the computer? - Charles Wavell
141. What is the minimum age required for becoming a member of the Rajya Sabha? - 30 years
142. Which year was NABARD established? - 1982
143. Who was the first Nawab of Awadh? - Sawdat Khan
144. World Environment Day Celebrated June 5
145. 'The Turbulent Years 1980-1996' is written by whom? - Pranab Mukherjee
146. Who was the 'Man of the Series' in the India vs. South Africa Test Series in December 2015? - Ravichandran Ashwin
147. How many female members were there in the Indian Constituent Assembly? - 15
148. Where is the Lion Safari located in Uttar Pradesh? - Etawah
149. What is the famous Charakula dance related to? - From Braj
150. What is the primary area of ​​Indian economy? - Agriculture
151. Who was the Chairman of Seventh Pay Commission? - Ashok Kumar Mathur
152. When was the import-export bank established? - in 1982
153. Which first Indian woman won gold in 400 meters in Asian Games? - Kamaljit Sanghu
154. Where was the first meeting of the SAARC? - Dhaka, Bangladesh
155. Which country won the 2015 'Davis Cup' title? - Great Britain
156. Which is the first full solar powered district court in the country? - Jaipur
157. Who adopted the policy of 'Iron and Blood'? - Balban
158. Where was Tipu Sultan's ruler? - Mysore
159. What is the 52nd Amendment to the Constitution related to? - In defect
160. Who composed the famous song 'Sara Jathaa Good Hindostaa'? - Muhammad Iqbal
161. What is the parishi agitation related to? - Tamilnadu
162. Where is the Bharat Kalam Bhawan located? - Benaras
163. When was the first National Human Development Report released? - in 2002
164. Who won the 2016 Australian Open Tennis title in women's singles category? - Angelica Karber
165. What is Ashoka's first inscription? - 13th
166. Which state where there is no regional rural bank? - Sikkim
167. According to census 2011, how much is sex ratio in Uttar Pradesh? - 912
168. What is the smallest country in the world? - Vatican City
169. Where in the Indus Civilization did the remains of the horse's bones be found? - Sarkotada
170. Where is the grenada located? - Caribbean Sea
171. How many banks were nationalized in the second nationalization of commercial banks? - 6
172. What is the artificial harbor? - Chennai
173. Which continent is known as 'The Land of Golden Flees'? - Australia
174. Who has been awarded Bharat Bharti Award for the year 2014? - Kashinath Singh
175. What is the classical dance of Uttar Pradesh? - Kathak
176. Which committee recommended the three-tier Panchayat system? - Balwant Roy Mehta
177. What is the 'heart' scheme related to? - National Heritage Development
178. Who does not have the provision of prosecuting against the constitution of India? - Governor of the state
179. In what form of data is the storage in the computer? - binary
180. Under the provision of the Article of the Constitution, the Government of India started 'Bharat Ratna' and 'Padshree'? - Article 18
181. Who can get agricultural income tax in India? - State government
182. Who has a fluid ratio? - current ratio
183. Who is not the fundamental duty under the Indian constitution? - Vote in public elections
184. Which revolution made an increase in production of oilseeds? - Yellow revolution
185. Which food gives instant power? - Glucose
186. Solar B. Which country launched the satellite studying the Sun? - Japan
187. Monozytes Whose Ore? - Thorium
188. In whose reign the quarrel started between the Mughals and the Marathas? - Aurangzeb
189. Which is the first micro finance company that has been converted into a bank in India in August 2015? - bond bank
190. How many members are required to constitute a cooperative society? - 10
191. What is the Western Ghats? - slopes of plateaus
92. In what account will the credit of the items taken by the owner for his own use be credited? - Purchase Account
193. During the reign of emperors, India's first currency rupee was printed? - Sher Shah Suri
194. What is the main ingredient of honey? - Fructose
195. Which was the first solar power plant in Uttar Pradesh in Uttar Pradesh? - Aligarh
196. Which female hormone is? - estrogen
197. Who said, 'Family is a school of social life'? - Aristotle
198. Who was the founder of 'Independent' newspaper / magazine? - Moti Lal Nehru
199. What is the best source of Vitamin C? - Gooseberry
200. International Day of Disabled is celebrated? - 3 December
201. Which computer is mainly concerned with converting analog output into digital form? - Hybrid Computer
202. Who started a permanent colony in Bengal? - Lord Cornwallis
203. B.C.G. Whose vaccine does the disease give against the disease? - tuberculosis
204. Who did Mahatma Gandhi as his political guru? - Gopal Krishna Gokhale
205. What is the water reservoir separating India and Sri Lanka? - Pak Strait
206. Which year did Vascoodigama land in Calicut? - 1498
207. Which tribe celebrates Deepawali as a bereavement in Uttar Pradesh? - Tharu
208. What does Article 243 of the Constitution of India mean? - Panchayati Raj System
209. Who discovered the discovery of oxygen? - Priestley
210. Who is called 'Manchester of South India'? - Coimbatore
211. Which literature is famous as Sangam literature? - Tamil literature
212. The great grammatist of ancient India was Patanjali whose contemporary? - Pushyamitra Sung
213. What is the weight of iron when rust? - increases
214. Who was the first President of the Constituent Assembly? - Dr. Sachchidanand Sinha
215. Which lymphocyte is both functioning in both endocrine and extrovert? - pancreas
216. Who certifies a bill to be the currency bill in Indian states? - State Assembly Speaker
217. What is the reason for the lack of forests, urbanization and pollution? - Growing population
218. Who is the largest size in the Union Territories? -Puducherry
219. Which living bird gives the smallest egg in the world? - Bee hummingbird
220. What is the 'Beti Bachao and Beti Teacho' program program related to? - Solving and decreasing child sex ratio in India.