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Upper limb Origins, Insertions, Innervations, & Actions

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Upper Limb Muscles

Levator Scapulae TP of C1-C4S.M. Border ScapulaVentral Rami C3,4 & Dorsal Scapular C5Adduction, Elevation, Downward Rotation of Scapula
TrapeziusExt. Occipital Protuberance, SP C2-C7 - Ligamentum Nuchae, SP C7-T12 - Supraspinous lig.Spine of the Scapula, Acromion, L. 1/3 ClavicleAccessory n. (C6), Ventral Rami C3,4Upper fibers - Primary Scapula elevator, Middle fibers - Primary Scapula Retractor, Lower fibers - Primary Scapula Depressor
Rhomboid MinorLigamentum Nuchae, SP C7-T1M. Border of Scapula & ∆Dorsal Scapular n. C5Adduction, Elevation, Downward Rotation of Scapula
Rhomboid MajorSP T2-T5∆ to Inf. Angle of ScapulaDorsal Scapular n. C5Adduction, Elevation, Downward Rotation of Scapula
SupraspinatusSuprasinous Fossa of ScapulaGreater Tubercle of Humerus - Superior FacetSuprascapular n. C5Primary Shoulder Abduction - First 15 degrees
InfraspinatusInfraspinous Fossa of ScapulaGreater Tubercle of Humerus - Middle FacetSuprascapular n. C5, C6External rotation of arm, drepresses head of humerus into glenoid fossa allowing for abduction.
Teres MinorUpper 2/3 laterl border of scapulaGreater tubercle of humerus interior facetAxillary n. C5,6External rotation of arm, drepresses head of humerus into glenoid fossa allowing for abduction. Holds head of humers to glenoid cavity
Teres MajorLower 1/3 L. border of Inf. angle of ScapulaM. lip of bicipital groove of humerusLower subscapular n. C5,6Adduction, Internal rotation, hyper-extension of Arm, extension of arm from flexed position
Latissumus DorsiSP T7 to Sacral Vertibrae, Ext. Lip of Iliac crestM. lip of lesser tubercle, floor of Intertuburcular groove of HumerusThoracodorsal n. C6,7,8Arm hyper-extension, adduction, extension of arm from flexed position, fixed arms-pulls trunk up, forcefull exhilation
Serratus AnteriorAnt. Lat. Surface of Ribs 1-8Ant. M. border of Scapula. Heavy at inf. AngleLong Thoracic n. C5,6,7Primary Scapular Protractor, Scapular Abduction, upward rotation
SubclaviusRib 1 (laterally)Under surface of claviclen. To Subclavius C5, C6Depress Clavicle, Maintains sternoclavicular joint
Pectoralis MajorMedial 2/3 Clavicle, Sternum, Costal cartilages 1-6Lateral lip of Intertubercular groove of HumerusMed. Pectoral n. C8-T1, Lat. Pectoral n. C5, C6, C7Primary Arm Adductor, internal rotation of arm. Clavicular fibers- Internal rotation, flextion, horizontal adduction. Sternal fibers- Horizontal adduction, extension
Pectoralis MinorRib 3-5Coracoid Process of ScapulaMedial Pectoral n. C8-T1Scapula Abduction & Depression, fixes scapula against upward movements, depressing tip of shoulder joint, inspiration
SubscapularisSubscapular FossaLesser tubercle & crest of humerusUpper C5,6 and lower subscapular C5,6 n.Primary Internal Rotation
DeltoidL. 1/3 of Clavicle, L. Border of Acromion, spine of scapula inf. LipDeltoid tuberosity of humerusAxillary n. C5,6Anterior fibers-Arm Flexion, Middle fibers-Arm Abduction, Posterior fibers-Horizontal Adbuction, Hyperextension
CoracobrachialisCoracoid Process of scapulaMiddle 1/3 of M. HumerusMusculocutaneus n. C6, C7Flextion, Horizontal Adduction, Adduction of arm
Biceps BrachiiCoranoid Process, supraglenoid tubercle of scapulaRadial tuberosity and Bicipital AponeurosisMusculocutaneus n. C5, C6Primary forearm flexor in supinated position, forearm supination during rapid or resisted flexion, Assists shoulder flextion and abduction
BrachialisLower 1/2 anterior surface of humerusUlnar Tuberosity of UlnaMusculocutaneus n. C5, C6, Radial n. (Lat. Part of M.)Primary forearm flexor in pronated position
Triceps BrachiiLong head: Infraglenoid Tubercle of Scapula, L. Head: Post surface of Humerus above radial groove, M. Head: Post surface of Humerus, M. and Inf. radial grooveProx end of Olecranon Process of UlnaRadial n. C7,8Primary Elbow Extension, extension of forearm, Long head - assists in arm extension, hyperextension and adduction
AnconeusCET- Lat. Epi. HumerusLateral side of olecranon process of ulnaRadial n. C7,8Extension of forearm
SupinatorUlnar head: Supinator fossa and crest of ulna, Humeral Head: Lateral epicondyle of humerus, Radial Collateral and Annular LigamentsProximal shaft of radiusDeep Radial n. C5,6Primary Supinator
Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus (ECRL)L. supracondylar ridge of humerus, CETBase of Metacarpal #2Radial n. C6,7Extension and radial deviation of wrist
Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis (ECRB)CET - Lat. Epi. HumerusBase of MC #3Deep Radial n. C6,7Wrist extension, wrist stability during flexion motions (grasping and pinching)
Extensor Indicis (EI)Post Surface of Ulna (distal 1/3)Tendon of extensor digitorum; extensor expansionRadial n. C7,8 & Posterior Interosseus n. PINExtension, Hyperextension of index finger at MCP joint, Extension of PIP, DIP if intrisic flexion pull on MCP, accessory to wrist extension
Extensor Digitorum (ED)CET - Lat. Epi. HumerusMiddle and Distal Phalanx of medial 4 digitsRadial n. C7,8 & Posterior Interosseus n. PINExtension of the 4 fingers and hyperextension of MCP, extension of wrist
Extensor Digiti Minimi (EDM)CET - Lat. Epi. HumerusMiddle and distal phalanx of little fingerRadial n. C7,8 & Posterior Interosseus n. PINExtension and hyperextension of MCP joint of little finger
Extensor Carpi Ulnaris (ECU)CET - Lat. Epi. HumerusBase of 5th MCRadial n. C7,8 & Posterior Interosseus n. PINExtension and ulnar deviation of wrist, assist w/ forearm flexion
Abductor Pollicis Longus (APL)Posterior surface of ulna and radius upper partBase of 1st MC (lateral side)Radial n. C7,8 & Posterior Interosseus n. PINAdbuction of CMC joint of thumb, thumb extension, prevents ulnar diviation during forceful grasping
Extensor Pollicis Brevis (EPB)Posterior surface of Radus below APL Middle 1/3Base of proximal phalanx of thumbRadial n. C7,8 & Posterior Interosseus n. PINExtension of MCP joint of Thumb, helps prevent ulnar deviation during forceful grasping
Extensor Pollicis Longus (EPL)Posterior surface of middle third of UlnaBase of distal phalanx of thumbRadial n. C7,8 & Posterior Interosseus n. PINExtension of thumb at IP, MCP, and CMC joints, thumb repositioning, helps prevent ulnar deviation during forceful grasping
BrachioradialisProximal 2/3 of L. Supracondylar ridge of HumerusL. surface of styloid process of radiusRadial n. C5,6Forearm flexion, mid position supination
Pronator TeresHumeral Head - Med. Epi. of Humerus (CFT), Ulnar head - Coronoid process of ulna medial sideLateral surface of mid radiusMeidal n. C6,7Pronation of forearm (especially in rapid forceful pronation), elbow flextion
Flexor Carpi Radialis (FCR)CFT - Med. Epi. HumerusBase of 2 & 3 metacarpalsMedian n. C7,8Wrist Flexion & Radial Deviation, Assits elbow flexion (weak)
Palmaris LongusCFT - Med. Epi. HumerusDistal 1/2 of flexor retinaculum and palmar aponeurosisMedian n. C6,7Tenses palmer fascia, Wrist Flexion
Flexor Digitorum Superficialis (FDS)Humeral Head: Med. Epi. Humerus (CFT), Ulnar Head - Coronoid process of Ulna, Radial Head: Oblique line of radiusBase of 2nd plalanx of digits 2-5 by split tendonMedian n. C7,8Flexion of finger 2-5 PIPs, Flexion of finger MCPs 2-5, Accessory to wrist flexion during forceful grasping
Flexor Digitorum Profundus (FDP)Proximal 3/4 of medial and anterior surfaces of ulna and interosseous membraneBase of distal phalanx on medial 4 digitsMedial part:Ulnar n. C8-T1, Lateral part:Median n. C8-T1- Anterior Interosseous n. (AI)Flexion of finger DIPs of medial 4 digits, Flexion of PIPs, MCPs of fingers 2-5, Accessory to wrist flexion during forceful grasping
Pronator QuadratusDistal 1/4 of anterior surface of ulnaDistal 1/4 of anterior surface of radiusMedian n. C8, T1 - AINPrimary Pronator
Flexor Pollicis Longus (FPL)Coronoid process of ulna, Interosseous membrane of upper 2/3 of Volar surface of radiusBase of distal phalanx of thumbAnterior Interosseous branch of Meidan n. (C8-T1)Flexion of the IP joint of the thumb, Flexing MP and CMC joints of the thumb, Accessory wrist flexion
Flexor Carpi UlnarisHumeral Head - M. Epicondyle of Humerus, Ulnar head - proximal 2/3 of posterior surfacePisiform boneUlnar n. C8Flextion and Ulnar Deviation of hand
Palmaris BrevisPalmar Aponeurosis, medial borderSkin on ulnar side of handSuperficial Ulnar n. C8-T1Stabalization of skin of palm for gripping
Abductor Digiti MinimiPisiform BoneBase of Proximal phalanx of little fingerDeep Ulnar n. C8-T1Little Finger MCP joint abduction
Flexor Digiti Minimi (Brevis)Flexor retinaculum, hook of hamateProximal phalanx of little fingerDeep Ulnar n. C8-T1Little finger MCP Joint flexion
Opponens Digiti MinimiFlexor retinaculum, hook of hamateMeidal side of fifth metacarpalDeep Ulnar n. C8-T1Little finger opposition
Abductor Pollicis Brevis (APB)Transverse carpal ligament scaphoid, and trapezium bonesRaidial side of base of proximal phalanxMedian n. Recurrent branch C8,T1Thumb abduction, MCP & CMC joints, assists thumb opposition
Flexor Pollicis Brevis (FPB)Superficial head- Flexor retinaculum (possibly trapezium), Deep head: Trapezoid and capitate boneBase of Proximal phalanx of thumbSuperficial: Median -Recurrent branch, Deep: Deep ulnar n C8, T1Thumb flexion MCP joint
Opponens Pollicis (OP)Flexor retinaculum and trapexium boneAlong shaft of 1st metacarpalMedian n. Recurrent branch C8,T1
Adductor PollicisTransverse head: 3rd Metacarpal Oblique Head: base of first 3 metacarpals, Capitate, Trapizoid, & TrapeziumBase of Proximal phalanx of thumbDeep Ulnar n. C8-T1Thumb adduction of CMC joint
Dorsal Interossei (4)Adjacent side of 2 metacarpal b.Base of Proximal phalanx of fingers 2,3,4 and DDEDeep Ulnar n. C8-T1Abduction of fingers 2,3,4, MCP Flexion, IP Extension
Palmer Interossei (3)Shaft (palmer surface of metacarpals 2,4,5Base of proximal phalanx fingers 2,4,5 and DDEDeep Ulnar n. C8-T1Adduction of fingers 2,,4,5, MCP Flexion, IP Extension