Upper limb Origins, Insertions, Innervations, & Actions

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Upper Limb Muscles

Upper trapoccipital bone, nuchal ligament on upper cervical spinous processesouter 3rd of clavicle, acromion processspinal Accessory/cranial XIscap elevation, upward rotation
Rhomboidspinous processes of C7-T5vertebral border of scap between spine & inferior angleDorsal Scapretraction, Elevation, Downward Rotation of Scap
Middle trapspinous processes of C7-T3scapular spinespinal accessory/ cranial XIscap retraction
SupraspinatusSuprasinous Fossa of ScapGreater Tubercle of HumerusSuprascapularShoulder Abduction
InfraspinatusInfraspinous Fossa of ScapGreater Tubercle of HumerusSuprascapularshoulder lateral rotation, horizontal abduction
Teres Minoraxillary border of scapulaGreater tubercle of humerusAxillaryshoulder lateral rotation, horizontal abduction
Teres Majoraxillary border of scap near inferiorM. lip of bicipital groove of humerusLower subscapularAdduction, medial rotation, extension of shoulder
Latissumus Dorsit7-L5, posterior surface of sacrum, iliac crest, lower 3 ribsmedial floor of bicipital groove of humerusThoracodorsalhyper-extension, adduction, extension , medial rotation
Serratus AnteriorLat. Surface of Ribs 1-8vertebral border of scap, anterior surfaceLong ThoracicScap Protraction, upward rotation
Lower trapspinous processes of middle & lower thoracic vertbase of scap spinespinal accessory/cranial XIscap depression/upward rotation
Pectoralis MajorMedial 3rd Clavicle, Sternum, Costal cartilage 1st 6 ribsLateral lip of bicipital groove of HumerusMed. Pectoral/ Lat. PectoralShoulder adduction, medial rotation, horizontal adduction /clavicular flexion to 1st 60 degrees/ sternal extension to 1st 60 degrees
Pectoralis MinorRib 3-5/anterior surfaceCoracoid Process of ScapMedial PectoralScap Depression, protraction, downward rotation & tilt
SubscapularisSubscapular FossaLesser tubercle of humerusUpper and lower subscapularshoulder medial rotation
Biceps BrachiiShort head:Coranoid Process,Long head: supraglenoid tubercle of scapRadial tuberosityMusculocutaneousforearm supination, elbow flexion
BrachialisDistal 1/2 & anterior surface of humerusUlnar Tuberosity/coronoid processMusculocutaneusElbow flexion
Triceps BrachiiLong head: Infraglenoid Tubercle of Scapula, L. Head: inferior to greater tubercle on posterior humerus, M. Head: Post surface of HumerusOlecranon Process of UlnaRadialElbow Extension
Sternocleidomastoidsternum/claviclemastoid processacessory /2nd & 3rd cervicalbilateral-flexes neck, hyperextends head/unilateral-lateral bend, rotates head to opposite side
SupinatorLateral epicondyle of humerus/adjacent ulnaanterior surface of proximal radiusRadialForearm Supination
Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus (ECRL)supracondylar ridge of humerusBase of 2nd MCRadialExtension and radial deviation of wrist
Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis (ECRB)Lat. Epi. HumerusBase of 3rd MCRadialWrist extension
Extensor Carpi Ulnaris (ECU)L. Epi. HumerusBase of 5th MCRadialExtension and ulnar deviation of wrist
BrachioradialisLateral Supracondylar ridge of Humerusstyloid process of radiusRadialelbow flexion
Pronator TeresMed. Epi. of Humerus/ Coronoid process of ulnaLateral surface of mid radiusMeidanPronation of forearm, elbow flextion
Flexor Carpi Radialis (FCR)Med. Epi. HumerusBase of 2nd & 3rd metacarpalsMedianWrist Flexion & Radial Deviation
Anterior DeltoidL 1/3 of clavicledeltoid tubersoityaxillaryshoulder abduction, flexion, medial roatation, horizontal adduction
Middle DeltoidAcromion processdeltoid tuberosityaxillaryshoulder abduction
Pronator QuadratusDistal 1/4 of ulnaDistal 1/4 of radiusMedianForearm Pronation
Posterior Deltoidspine of scapdeltoid tuberosityaxillaryshoulder abduction, extension, hyperextension, lateral rotation, horizontal abduction
Flexor Carpi UlnarisM. Epicondyle of HumerusPisiform, base of 5th metaUlnarWrist Flexion/ Ulnar Deviation