Upper Limb Anatomy

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Section 1

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How many phalanges bones?14
How many metacarpal bones?5
How many carpal bones?8
How many bones in the hand/ wrist?27
How many bones in the thumb?2
How many bones in digits 2-5?3
The head of the bone is most distal
The base of the bone ismost proximal

Section 2

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IP jointinterphalangeal jt in thumb
MCP jointmetacarpophalangeal jt
DIP jointdistal interphalangeal jt
PIP jointproximal interphalangeal jt
Carpometacarpal jointProximal end of metacarpal
1st MC articulates w/Trapezium
2nd MC articulates w/Trapezoid
3rd MC articulates w/Capitate
4th and 5th MC articulates w/Hamate
Carpals in proximal rowScaphoid, Lunate, Triquetrum, and Pisiform
Carpals in distal rowTrapezium, Trapezoid, Capitate, and Hamate

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Scaphoidlargest in proximal and most frequently fx
Scaphoid articulates w/Radius
Lunate articulates w/Radius
Triquetrum articulates with what three?Pisiform, hamate, and lunate bones
PisiformSmallest carpal bone best seen in carpal sulcus view
Pisiform articulates w/Triquetrum
Distal articulate w/Metacarpals
TrapeziumBetween scaphoid and 1st MC
TrapezoidSmallest bone in distal row
CapitateLargest carpal bone
HamateHook like process called hamulus

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Another name for Carpal sulcus viewCanal or tunnel view
What is best demonstrated with the Carpal sulcus view?Pisiform and Hamate
What passes through this tunnel or canal?Major nerves and tendons
Radial deviationTurn hand toward thumbs
Ulnar deviation Turn hand toward pinky
What can you not see well on a lateral view?Carpals; they are superimposed

Section 5

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RadiusThumb side/ lateral
UlnaPinky side/ Medial
Styloid process Extreme distal end of both radius and ulna
Radial styloidExtends more distally

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Ulnar notchwhere ulna fits on radius
Head of radiusProximal end of radius
Head of radius articulates w/Humerus
Body of radiusLong mid bone
Radial tuberosityDistal to head and neck, oval process

Section 7

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Ulnalonger than radius primarily involves elbow
Olecranon processmost proximal, posterior of elbow, beak like
Coronoid processmost anterior and more distal
Coronoid tubercleOn medial margin of coronoid process
Trochlear notchHumerus sits inside (big depression)
Radial notchSm. depression on lateral side of ulna
Radial notch articulates w/head of radius
What does the radial notch allow?Pronation of forearm; radius and ulna cross over in pronation

Section 8

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Humeral condyleExpended distal end
TrochleaMedial- smooth sulcus
CapitulumLateral- smooth sulcus

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