Upper GI and lower GI review

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What is the centering for PAO projection RAO position of the upper GI for sthenic patient?L2 ; for hypersthenic CR dicredted 2" higher and for asthenic/hyposthenic 2" inferior than average, Will demonstrate the C-loop free of superimposition over the pylorus and entire stomach.
How much rotation is used for an average patient in a RAO position on UGI?45*, need more than 45* for a hypersthenic patient and less than 45 for a hyposthenic patient.
what is the CR for prone position?same as the RAO L2 for sthenic, 2" higher for hypersthenic and 2"lower for asthenic hyposthenic. Fundus is filled with air, and the body and pylorus is filled with barium
What is the CR for lateral position?L1 and anterior to MCP, the entire stomach and duodenum should be visualized, it best demonstrate retrogastric space
What is the CR for the LPO position?45* centered to L1, duodenal bulb should not be superimposed by pylorus of stomach, fundus will be filled with barium

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