Upper Gastrointestinal Questions

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When is the viscera of the abdomen at its lowest?1. During inspiration. 2. When erect. 3. With loss of muscle tone.
What are four accessory structures of the digestive system?1. Liver. 2. Gallbladder. 3. Pancreas. 4. Salivary glands
What is the body structure of a hypersthenic patient?1. A bigger sized patient, with normal organ placement.
What is the body structure of a asthenic patient?1. Extremely slender patient, with a lower sitting colon.
What are the five steps of the digestive process?1. Ingestion. 2. Peristalsis. 3. Digestion. 4. Absorption. 5. Defecation.
What are the three layers of the digestive tract?1. Mucous membrane (epithelial). 2. Lamina propria (vascularised). 3. Muscularis mucosa (smooth muscle).
What is the name of the nervous system of the intestines?1. Submucous plexus.
What is the secretion and its function of the serosa?1. Serous fluid. 2. To lubricate the organs and prevent friction with the surrounding viscera.
What are the two receptors used in salivation?1. Chemoreceptors. 2. Pressoreceptors.
What are two enzymes found within saliva?1. Lysozymes (antibacterial). 2. Salivary Amylase (starch digestion).
What are the two tissues on the tongue?1. Fungiform papillae (anterior). 2. Filiform papillae (posterior).
What are the three narrowings of the oesophagus?1. Aortic arch. 2. Left main bronchus. 3. Diaphragm.
At what level does the oesophagus enter the stomach?1. T10.
What are the three glands in the face?1. Parotid gland. 2. Submandibular gland. 3. Sublingual gland.
What are the two types of digestion?1. Chemical digestion. 2. Mechanical digestion.
What are the components of gastric juice?1. Hydrochloric acid. 2. Mucus. 3. Pepsin. 4. Intrinsic factor. 5. Rennet.
How is pepsin activated?1. By hydrochloric acid and pepsinogen.
What stimulates HCL production?1. Gastrin

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