Upper body O and I

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Question Answer
lower trapezius O base of spine and scapula
middle trapezius O acronium process- spine of scapular
upper trapezius O lateral 1/3 of clavicle
trapezius I base of skull, nuchal ligament, c7-t12
ant deltoid Olateral 1/3 of clavicle
middle deltoid O acronium process of scapula
pos deltoid O spine of scapula
delotids I deltoid tuberosity
biceps brachii SH Ocoracoid process of scapula
biceps brachii LH O glenoid fossa
biceps brachii I radial tuberosity
triceps brachii LH O lateral scapula below glenoid fossa
triceps brachii m+lh O upper 1/2 of humerus
triceps brachii I olecranon process of ulna
brachialis O anterior distal humerus
brachialis I coranoid process of ulna
brachioradialis O distal 2/3rds of lateral humerus
brachioradialis I distal radius

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