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Unified Process (UP)an object-oriented system development methodology consisiting of 9 disciplines that are applied iteratively to 4 life cycle phases.
UP Phasesinception -- elaboration -- construction -- transition
UP Disciplinesbusiness modeling -- requirements -- design -- implementation -- testing -- deployment -- configuration & change management -- project management -- environment
UP Development Disciplinesbusiness modeling -- requirements -- design -- implementation -- testing -- deployment
UP Planning and Controlling Disciplinesconfiguration & change management -- project management -- environment
Business Modeling purposeunderstand and communicate the nature of the business environment
Business modelling activitiesunderstand the business environment -- create the system vision -- create business models
Requirements purposeunderstand and document the business needs and processing requirements
Requirements activitiesgather detailed information -- define functional requirements -- define non-functional requirements -- prioritize requirements -- develop user interface dialogs -- evaluate requirements with users
Design purposedesign the solution system based on the requirements
Design activitiesdesign support services architecture and deployment environment -- design software architecture -- design use case realizations -- design database -- design system and user interfaces -- design system security and controls
Implementation purposebuild or acquire system components
Implementation activitiesbuild software componenets -- acquire software components -- integrate software components
Testing purposeEnsure that the system functions as expected
Testing activitiesdefine and conduct unit testing -- define and conduct integration testing -- define and conduct usability testing -- define and conduct user acceptance testing
Deployment purposemake the system operational
Deployment activitiesacquire hardware and system software -- package and install components -- traing users -- convert and initialize data
Project management purposecontrol the schedule and budget of the project
Project management activities finalize system and project scope -- develop project and iteration schedule -- identify risks and confirm feasibility -- monitor and control the plan, schedule, communication and risks
Configuration and change management purposetrack changes and identify current versions
Configuration and management activitiesdevelop change control procedures -- manage models and software components
Environment purpose manage the development environment
Environment activitiesselect and configure development tools -- tailor the UP development process -- provide technical support services