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What is the "cat" programs secretThrough the use of the -v flag, you can use cat to display any file on the system, executable or otherwise.
What is a Pipe line?A Pipeline is where the output of one program is the input of the next. The symbol is |.
What can yo do with thew head programYou can use it o view the first few hundred lines of a vey long file.
How do you speocify the number of lines you want the head program to search forYou just need to indicate how many as starting argument, prefixing te number of lines desired witha dash.
What does the program tail -5 doIt is like the head program but It shows the last 5 lines of the target file.
What does the program More doIt knows how big your screen is and displays the information page by page.
How many primary switches does the more program have?There are three -s Suppresses multiple blank lines, -d Forces more to display friendlier prompts at the bottom of each page, -c causes the program to clear the screen before displaying each screenful of text.