Universal culture pattern

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The need to make a livingEconomics, physical survival by providing biological needs of food, clothing, shelter Impossible to have culture If people are not meeting these basic elements 
The need for social organization Humans are weaker than animals, must band together in order to survive (families, clans, tribes etc.) Allows humans to feel like they belong to a collective strength. 
The need for law and orderAs societies grew larger laws and procedures had to be created, government had to protect society and it's members from outsiders and each other.
The need for knowledge and learningContinual search for improvement-sometimes for economic gain. Education is institutionalized today as all people need it in some form.
The need for self-expression Show of individuality (ideas, art, clothing, literature, music etc)
The need for religious expression Faith that there is order in this universe, a greater power exists than man, answers the unanswerable

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