Unit1 6th Math

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Question Answer
Factorname given to terms that are multiplied
Dividendnumber that is divided by another number
Minuendnumber that is to be subtracted from
Distributive Property sum of two addends multiplied by a number is the sum of the product of each addend and the number
Algorithumstep by step solution to a problem
Productresult of multiplication
Subtrahendnumber to be subtracted
Multipleproduct of a whole number and an integer
Greatest Common Factorlargest factor that two or more numbers have in common
Divisora number by which another number is to be divided
Sumresult of adding to or more numbers
Quotientresult of division
LeastCommon Multiple smallest multiple other than zerothat two or more numbers have in common
Reciprocaltwo numbers whose product is one
Differenceamount left after one one number is subtracted from another number