Unit 8

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Section 1

Question Answer
acquirev, to get something; NABYWAC
anchorv, to make something or someone stay in one position; ZAKOTWICZY─ć,
blagv, to manage to obtain something by using persuasion; UZYSKIWANIE CZEGOS PRZEKONUJAC
financial gainn phr, with the purpose or aim of making money, rather than for any other reason; ZYSK FINANSOWY
give a discountv phr, to offer a reduction in the usual price of a product or service; DAC ZNIZKE
give and taken phr, willigness to accept suggestions from another person and give up some of your own; DAWAC I BRAC
give up on the first reversalv phr, to stop doing something because of the first problem or failure in the process; ODPUSCIC SOBIE PRZY PIERWSZYM PROBLEMIE, PODDAC SIE

Section 2

Question Answer
identify needsv phr, to find and be able to describe something that you must have to achieve a particular thing; IDENTYFIKACJA POTRZEB
know their limitsv phr, if someone knows their limits, they are aware of the greatest amount of something that is possible for them to do; ZNAC SWOJE LIMITY
make a profitv phr, to earn money in trade or business, especially after paying the costs of producing and selling goods and services; ZARABIAC
novelty valuen phr, interesting because it has not been experienced before; CENIENIE NOWOSCI

Section 3

Question Answer
opening proposaln phr, a formal suggestion, plan, or idea that comes near the beginning of something; PROPOZYCJA OTWARCIA
persistentadj, someone who is persistent continues doing something or tries to do something in a detetermined way; WYTRWALY, UPORCZYWY
place a repeat orderv phr, to order the same thing that you have ordered before; ZAMOWIC TO SAMO ZAMOWIENIE
pushyadj, behaving in an unpleasant way by trying too much to get something or to make someone do something; BEZCZELNY, AROGANCKI
trustworthyadj, able to be trusted; GODNY ZAUFANIA