Unit 7

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Question Answer
Commercial edgeN phr, an advantage over the people or businesses who are competing with you; PRZEWAGA NAD KONKURENTAMI
Control costsN phr, to limit the amount of money that has to be spent in order to buy, do or make something; KONTROLA KOSZTÓW
Custom-builtAdj, If something is custom-built, it is specially made for a particular buyer; STWORZONE NA POTRZEBE KLIENTA
Customized solutionN phr, used to describe something that has been made to solve a customer's particular needs; DOSTOSOWANY DO INDYWIDUALNYCH POTRZEB KLIENTA
EnhanceV, to improve that quality, amount or value of something; WZMACNIAC, POPRAWIAC, PODNOSIC
Exhibit V, to show something publicly in a place such as a museum or trade show; WYSTAWIAC
FeeN, an amount of money paid for a particularl piece of work or for a particular right or service; OPLATA ZA KONKRETNA PRACĘ

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For hireAdj phr, something that can be used temporarily in exchange for money; NA WYNAJEM
Give you an edge over your competition V phr, to give you am advantage over the people or business who are competing with you in a particular market; DAJE PRZEWAGE NAD KONKURENCJA
Quarantee V, to promise that something will happen or is true; GWARANCJA
Huge stockN phr, a large amount of goods that store or business has for sale; DUZE ZAPASY
InstallV, to put furniture, a machine, or piece of equipment into position and make it ready to use; INSTALACJA
Keen priceN phr, if prices are keen, they are lower and offer more value that others; ATRAKCYJNA CENA, OKAZYJNA
Legal requirementN phr, a rule in law about something that it is necessary to have or to do; WYMOG PRAWNY

Section 3

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LiaiseV, to work with someone I order to exchange information with them; WSPÓŁPRACOWAC
Make an impactV phr, to have a powerful effect on someone or something; ODDZIALYWAC NA KOGOS, MIEC WPLYW
Man the stand V phr, to work at a table or structure where someone can sell or advertise their products or services; PRACOWAC PRZY STANOWISKU SPRZEDAZOWYM
Marketing advantageN phr, an advantage over the people or business who are competing with; PRZEWAGA MARKETINGOWA NAD KONKURENCJA
Marketing solutionN phr, a way of finding out what customers want, using that information to design products and services, and selling them effectively; SPOSOB NA SPRAWDZANIE RYNKU, POTRZEBY KLIENTA
Maximise visitor numbers V phr, to make the amount of people who visit as big as possible; ZWIEKSZANIE WIZYTORÓW
MonitorV,mot watch a situation carefully for a period of time in order to discover something about it; MONITOROWAC

Section 4

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mountv, to fix something on wall, in a frame, etc. so that it can be viewd or used; MONTOWAC
on a first-come-first-served basisadv, phr; used to mean that peaople will receive something or be dealt with in the order in which they ask or arrive; KTO PIERWSZY TEN LEPSZY- W SENSIE BEDZIE OSBLUZONY
project managementn phr, the activity of organising and controlling a project; ZARZADZANIE PROJEKTEM
ready-made equipmentn phr, the machinery, tools, etc. that you need to do a job in a finished form and available to use immediately; GOTOWE WYPOSAZENIE
registrationn, when a name or information is recorded on an official list; REJESTRACJA
sales techniquen phr, the ability to persude people to buy a company's products or services; TECHNIKI SPRZEDAZY
trade eventn phr, a large event at which companies show and sell their products and try to increase their business; IMPREZA HANDLOWA, TARG
win new businessv phr, to succed in getting more people or companies to buy your goods or services; POZYSKIWAC NOWYCH KLIENTOW
a stand at a tradepodstawy handlu
tactfullypostepowac taktownie
an approtimate timescaleprzyblizona skala czasowa
due toze wzgledu na
enquiryzapytanie ofertowe