Unit 7 Vocab Part 1

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Question Answer
Great MigrationWhen more than 500,000 southern blacks began migrating North to big cities to fill jobs needed for wartime manufacturing during World War 1
Creating the Committee on Public InformationAlso known as the Creel Committee; produce pro U.S. and anti-Germany propaganda
American Neutralitypractice of remaining neutral in foreign affairs, not favoring one country over another during the first three years of World War 1
Zimmermann TelegramTelegram from Germany intercepted on its way to Mexico stating if Mexico goes to war with the U.S. they will receive aid from Germany to regain lands lost in Mexican-American War
Roosevelt CorollaryAn addition to the Monroe Doctrine in 1904 stating the U.S. has the right to protect its economic interests in South America with military
Dollar DiplomacyPresident Taft would provide loans to countries in need to achieve foreign policy goals
Yellow JournalismNewspaper articles written with sensationalized language to sparked emotions in Americans
Social Darwinismthe claim that the rich were a result of natural selection and benefits society, while the poor are poor because they are unfit
Square DealTheodore Roosevelt’s campaign to pass laws to control corporations, protect consumer rights, conserve natural resources