Unit 6- Cold War

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Question Answer
What is SALT?Strategic Arms Limitation Policy
What is NATO?North Atlantic Treaty Organization
What is the Domino Theory?communism would spread from one country to its neighbors
What is the name of the statement by President Truman that promised military and economic assistance to Greece and Turkey?Truman Doctrine
What is the Cold War?a non-physical conflict between the U.S. and Soviet Union in which the U.S. fought communism
Who's plan states that the U.S. would help European countries in order to stop them from turning communist?Marshall's
What part of Korea is communist?North Korea
Communist governments have ___________ freedomlittle
Democratic governments promote __________ ownershipprivate
The ________ in the 1960s was a contest between U.S. and S.U. to land a man on the moon firstSpace race