Unit 5 lit. terms

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Section 1

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Voicein literature, the development of an idea where the speaker is so heard in their words as to suggest it could have only come from them, unique to them
Thesisguiding statement of a paper
Syntaxthe rules governing grammer; used by the authors to emphasize meaning when manipulated
Symbolismthe one of one correspondance in Lit. where something stands for something else
Stereotypean assumption or claim made about an entire group with little evidence
Soliloquya speech where the speaker is on stage and alone
Satireuse of ridicule or derision to bring light to a problem or silly situation
Sarcasma harsh or bitter remark or comment
Rhetorical Questiona question to get the audience to think, not necessarily provide an answer
Rhetonicthe art of effective language

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Personaa mask a character "wears" to satisfy a certain situation
Pathoscalling up personal experiences to depend your position; using emotion or passion
Parodyhumorous take on a piece of literature

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