Unit 4

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Where is a telomere located?3' end of eukaryotic chromosomes.
What is involved in a phospodiester bond?A hydroxyl group is attached to the 3' end of a sugar and forms a bond with the 5' end of another phosphate group.
Ribosomal RNA is the site ofProtein synthesis.
ncRNASupresses, cleaves, and degrades mRNA.
Different versions of gene present at given locus is the definition of a(n)Allele
A mutation where one amino acid is replaced with a different amino acid is a _________Missense Mutation
Which enzyme unwinds DNA's double helix?Helicase
What is the process that removes introns during transcription?Slicing
What about RNA is different from DNA?Ribose as suger, Uracil replaces Thymine, More labile, single stranded
What happens on the lagging strand of DNA during replication?Polymerase creates Okazaki fragments, stitched together by DNA ligase
What are the five stages of the cell cycle?G0, G1,S, G2, M
Function of Transfer RNA?Reads mRNA, anticodon complementary to mRNA codon, Brings Amino acids to ribosome.
What does the exon portion of a gene entail?coding region, expressed sequences, and is conserved within species
How can the strands of DNA be separated?During replication or by it being denatured
What are the 3 main types of RNA?Ribosomal, Messenger, Transfer
When does cancer occur ?When there is a defect in the regulation of the cell cycle
What are the building blocks of chromatin?DNA, RNA, and histones.
Nucleic acid bases adenine and Thymine are held together by?2 hydrogen bonds
transcription occurs along a 3' to 5' template forming an mRNA in the ____ direction. 5' to 3'
What are the four phases of mitosis?Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase.
How do mutations in DNA occur?Copying errors during DNA replication, Damage to DNA (environmental), Aging – DNA repair not as effective and leads to changes.

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