Unit 4 religion test MC TF ALL TRUE MATCHING

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Section 1

Question Answer
which apostle died of natural causesjohn
what was the nights templer, what is not true about thisgroup of monks that protected the pilgrim roads. THEY WERE NOT HOSPITALERS
which is not true of the crusadessaladin did not kill the christians
which is not true about the temp of jerusalemit stood completed for 500 years
whats located where jesus was crucifiedholy seplacur
which date does not match his eventmartin luther 1533
which is not a dogma of the catholic churchsolvency of the priest
which is NOT TRUE of the catholic traditioncatholic traditions cannot become dogma
which protestant religion does not promoteanglican
who promoted protestantsjohn calvin

Section 2

Question Answer
vatican II occured in1962-1965
archaelogy can provethe life of jesus
martin luther did not have a sonmartin luther king junior did not have a son
nero was a roman emperorthat killed peter and paul
luther did notmake own religion easily
135 was not the year the christian churchdid not become the official church
modern catholic churchs adopted most of luthers teachings
jews were nevertreated well.
catholics do believe protestantsprotestants can go to heaven
the second crusade did not succeed
popes traced their authority back to when peter was told my jesusthat peter was the rock
not all popesare saints
simony and indulgences are not practicedin the catholic church
saledon did not failas a muslim leader
greatest benefit of the crusades was theexposure to arab knowledge

Section 3

Question Answer
men who are ordained by the bishop are calledpriests
muslim leader who reconquered jerusalemsaladin
title given to the bishop of romepope
men chosen by jesusapostles
followers of jesus who were not apostlesdiciples
catholic women who serve the churchnuns
order of priests who dedicates their lives to the poorFranciskins
order of priests who dedicate their lives to teachingJesuits
common catholics that do not recieve holy orderlaity
who promoted the teaching justification of faith alonemartin luther
who promoted the teaching of predestinationjohn calvin
founder of the church of englandhenry the 8th
position developed from 12 apostlesthe bishop developed
the ordained decision of no mass or confessiondecon
positions of advisers to the popes and they can vote on new popescardinals

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