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Unit 3 Review

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Section 1

Question Answer
natural resource definitionnaturally formed substance that can be used by people
non-renewable energy definition resource that can only be used once
non-renewable energy (list 3 examples)fossil fuel, coal, natural gas
renewable energy definitioncan replenish itself within a human generation
renewable energy (list 3 examples)trees, fish, soil
flow resource definitioncan be used and replenished at the same time
flow resource (list 3 examples)sun, wind, water
sustainable development definitionmeeting needs without risk of future generations going without

Section 2

Question Answer
Primary industry definitiontake raw material out of the environment before doing anything to them
Primary industry percentage4%
Primary industry (list example)fishing
Secondary Industry definitioninvolve processing of primary industries' products into finished goods
Secondary Industry percentage21%
Secondary Industry (list example)ice cream factory
Tertiary Industry definitionprovide services
Tertiary Industry percentage75%
Tertiary Industry (list example)police
Quaternary Industry definitionprocessing of ideas, tightly specialized and knowledge based
Quaternary Industry (list example)computer programming

Section 3

Question Answer
Basic Jobsbring new money in town, (attract ppl from other places to spend money)
Non-Basic Jobscirculates old money in town
Basic jobs example (2)mine, ski hill
Non-basic jobs examples (2)grocery store, coffee shop
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) definitiontotal value of all goods and services produced in a country (as total or per capita)
Multiplier effect definitionwhen the spending of a certain amount of money feeds to a greater amount of economic growth than the initial amount spent

Section 4

Question Answer
Main fishing areas (1-3)1. East coast 2. West coast 3. Inland lakes
3 types of ocean fishbottom feeders, pelagic fish, shell fish
Bottom feeders (include 2 examples)live close to sea bottom (cod, halibut)
Pelagic fish (include 2 examples)live close to surface (salmon, tuna)
Shell Fish (include 2 examples)not actual fish because they don't have backbone, have shells (lobster, shrimp)
Canada is one of the world's leading ___ of fishexporter
more than ____ of Canadian catch is exported50%

Section 5

Question Answer
West Cost Fishery home to mainly salmon
the industry crashed because (list 2 reasons)over-fishing and salmon had been caught before they can spawn
___ and ____ does not want limits on fishingJapan and US
Salmon now go else where because ofwarmer water temperature
2 problems with Aquaculturerelease toxic discharges, escapees that interbreed and compete with local fish
2 pros of aquaculture 1, moderate pressure on wild stocks 2, usually, farmed fish can be cleaner than wild fish

Section 6

Question Answer
there are ___ generating power plants in CA1156
#hydro power479
#thermal plants375
#nuclear plants4
#wind farms with # turbines295, 6415
#tidal power plants2

Section 7

Question Answer
convectional energyold fashioned (coal, oil, natural gas)
CA have _________ largest reserves of oil2nd
Oil is used sparingly to create electricity because it's ___ and causes ___expensive, pollution
Natural gas produce ____ of energy, it's a very ___ _____ fuellots, clean, burning
Uranium = _____ mineralnon-renewable
CA has _________% of world reserves8
uranium provide ___% of CA's electrical, (_________% of ON)15%, 50%
uranium's ___ is ____ to create energy, the waste is ____atom, split, radioactive
nuclear power plants are _____ to ____ and ______expensive, maintain and build
hydroelectricity produces ____ power in CAmost

Section 8

Question Answer
alternative energy is _____ ______environmentally friendly
May be health hazards from ___ ____spinning turbines
geothermal energy uses?use steam from below the earth to produce energy (difference between temperature of air and ground)
ocean energy is considered ____ ____valuable source
ocean energy's ____/____ costs too muchtech/building

Section 9

Question Answer
four major types of farming in CAFruits and veggies, wheat, dairy and livestock, beef cattle and grain
Farming types depends on (4)soil, landscape, distance to urban areas, climate
Intensive farming is usually ___ to urban areas (sell)close
intensive farmers hope for ___ crops on ___ landmore, smaller
intensive farming needs laborers T/F True
Intensive farming usually produces... (4)fruits, veggies, poultry (chickens, ducks, turkeys) , pigs
Extensive farming need very ___ farmslarge
extensive farming uses large ___ so usually no laborers are neededmachines

Section 10

Question Answer
Agriculture is important to CA for _____ ______ and ____local products, trade
Agriculture makes up ___% of economy in CA, but employs ___% of population1.4%, 20%
Agricultural jobs (4)primary, processing, transportation, sales/marketing
C1 (percent and description) 0.5%, deep soil, no land limitations, no climate prob, excellent fl (farmland)
C2 (percent and description) 1.8%, good fl, no serious climate prob/land limitations
C3 (percent and description) 2.7%, good fl, no serious climatic prob, land limitation makes some activities impossible
C4 (percent and description) 2.7%, break even point for commercial agriculture (short growing season, thin soil, hilly landscape, etc)
C5 (percent and description) 3.7%, serious limitations, use for hay growing or grazing
C6 (percent and description) 1.8%, worst limitations than C5, only be used for rough grazing
C7 (percent and description) 86.8%, no capability for farming, or was not classified

Section 11

Question Answer
3 challenges to CA farmers1, small businesses cannot compete with bigger ones 2, fl is being sold so houses can be built near urban areas 3, insect/weather makes it hard for farmers to support themselves
4 agribusiness pros1, more productive 2, few workers=more profits 3, efficient use of land 4, creates highly stable industry
4 agriculture cons1, animal cruelty 2, destroy small farms/businesses 3, causes mass pollution 4, dangerous working conditions
Sustainable agriculture (3 factors)1, no mono-culture 2, chemical free pest control 3, organic farming (natural processes)

Section 12

Question Answer
CA produces more than ___ different minerals60
2012, there were more over ___ producing mines and over ____ gravel/sand pits and stone quarrels 220, 3000
strip mining (3 definition) - surface mining - generally coal/iron - use heavy machinery
strip mining reclamationadd top soil and plant trees/plants
Open pit mining (3 definition)- dig deep - stone and gravel - easiest and cheapest way of mining
open pit mining reclamation- pit used as land fill - use as recreational spot as ground water fill it up
underground mining (3 definition)- minerals far below surface - shaft needs to be dug long way down - tunnels either go straight down or on a slope
Working in a mine cons (2)- tunnel may collapse - bad air quality/regulation

Section 13

Question Answer
Deciduous trees definition (3)- hard wood - used for flouring, furniture, etc - dense
deciduous trees example (3)elm, maple, oak
Coniferous tree definition (2)- soft wood -used for pulp/paper
confierous examples (3)cedar, pine, fir

Section 14

Question Answer
3 main industries of forestry 1, logging 2, milling 3, pulp and paper
there are ___ forest regions in CA8
we live in the ___ area, which is covered mostly by ____ treesCarolinian, deciduous
3 ways of logging1, clear cutting 2, shelter wood logging 3, selective cutting
challenges in CA forests (3)- forest fires are serious threat - pollution (acid rain) damages trees severely - insects (local and invasive) can kill trees