Unit 3 review religion class

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faithfulnessis being worthy of trust keeping one's promise being true
is a virtuethat all of us need to cultivate
is an attitudethat encourages us to involve god in our lives
helps us to maintainto develop our relationships with god and other people
helps us to choose what is good and right even when it is hard
first..'i am the lord thy god thou shalt no strange gods before me
second..thou shalt not take the name of the lod thy god in vain
the first and second commandments call usto love and respect god above everything
we should love and respectall creatures as well
third...remember to keep the holy sabbath day
third commandment calls us tostop and pray
sunday is forpraying in the church
the mass is at the heart of the churchs life
jesus teaches us how to pray
our relationship with god will not grow otherwise
blessing and adorationfocus on gods character
petitiona request for help for yourself
intercessionto pray to god on behalf of another
thanksgivingexpression of thanks for gifts and love
praisegive god praise for what he has done, focus on his deeds
god always answersour prayers
the answersdont always come in the form we think they should
god has a differentway of looking at things
blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

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