Unit 3 religion test

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Principle of subsidiaritya higher form of government should not interfere with lower levels if they are able to deal with a situation on their own
society a group of persons bound together organically by the principle of unity
Common goodlooking out for society, doing good things for community and well being
Solidaritythe virtue of social charity, friendship, and responsible sharing. We are brothers and sisters in christ
Natural law god’s will written in us. Understand what must be done and what must be avoided; moral law.
Abortion the killing of unborn human life.
Euthanasia: the killing of human life with the purpose of eliminating suffering.
Option for the poor see things from their perspective and assess/change lifestyle, policies, and social institutions in terms of the impact on the poor. This follows jesus’ teachings, where he sided with the poor.

3 principles of the common good

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Respect for the human person public authorities must respect the fundamental rights of each human being. Society must allow each individual to fulfill his or her vocation, respecting individual conscience, privacy and freedom of religion.
Social well-being and development public authorities must enable various groups to develop. Moreover, social policy should see to it that every person has what is necessary to live a full human life. (food, clothing etc..)
Peacewithout peace and stability it would be impossible to establish a just society

individuals obligations

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individuals should help shape a just, loving society so it promotes love of God and neighbor. the individual has to b a just, loving, moral person. be on the alert to root out any laws or practices that cause sin or undermine human dignity
individuals should take special vigilance to see that God's little ones are cared for in society.Support those causes, laws, and institutions that guaranteed the rights of the poor
individuals shouldtreat each person as another selfExercise the virtue of solidarity by viewing others as members of one family under a loving God.
individuals have the right to participate in society. Everyone has a duty to engage in volunteering, generous social interchange according to one's position, role, talents, and interest. one must meet family and work obligations, contribute to the church community, and be involved in public affairs.
individuals must respect those who have positions of authority and obey establish laws. ex of this is to pay taxes, have right to vote, defend ones country, welcome immigrants and protest even if there is civil disobedience.

societal obligations

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society must guarantee the conditions that allow associations and individuals to attain their dues, according to their vocation and nature.
society should eliminate any form of social, religious, cultural, racial, economic, ethnic, or sexual discrimination as this that denies people their fundamental human rights.
society must guarantee the most basic rate of all, the right to life. forbid crimes like abortion, murder, euthanasia, assisted suicide, fetal experimentation.
society must create a place where people can participate and contribute to the common good. for common good to be there, there should be honest, just, and open communication amoung everyonebased on truth, freedom, justice, and solidarity.
societies public authorities must always promote the common good, recognize the power of the law, promote the principle of subsidiarity and the practice of limited government. examples include support/defend your family, look out for needs of the poor, have right to practice any religion, freedom, promote peace, ENSURING A MORALLY FIT ENVIRONMENT FOR VIRTUES TO THRIVE (outlineing pornography)


Question Answer
The concentric circle of the societies we belong to:Self Family Neighbourhood School City/Town Province Country World
The church’s position is that abortion is bad and should not happen.
Capital punishment is only allowedif it is for the protection of the society.
We do not have the right to die, according to the church.We are supposed to die naturally, as put out in god’s will.
The root of the disrespect for the sanctity of human life is the views on human sexuality. Since human sexuality is viewed in a way that it is used mainly for pleasure, the value and sanctity of the life that is created as a result, will not be seen as more valuable by the parents. They only hadsex to have a fun time, not to have a child.

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