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Section 1

Question Answer
anulment impedement to the marraige
which sac is not a sac of initationmarriage
catholics are expected to recieve the eucharistyearly
catholics are expected recieve reconcilationreconcilation yearly
which sac can be performed by any baptised christianbaptism
a divorced protestant that wann marry catholic recieves anulment and other stuffall the above
which does not recieve holy ordersbishop
which is not a function of a deconcannot consicrate the eucharist
how do we know christ is present in churchcandle is lit
to be forgiven of sin confess, etccontrite, confess, commited (all the above)

Section 2

Question Answer
only 1 pope cannot ordain a bishop, 3 bishops
u must be free of sinbefore recieving eucharist
priests cannotreveal confession
fifth commandment is u shall not kill
core catholic values canbe found in creed
privaledge of faith is grounds for being remarriedin catholic church
gentil is a non jew
if ur baptised a protestant u do not have to be baptisedagain to be catholic
confirmation is the sacramentof the holy spirit
catholic euch is not the same as the protestant eucharist
priests or bishops can recieveconfessions
only men can recieveall 7 sacraments
u do not have to be sickto recieve annointing of the sick.
proof of divorce is not enough for u to be remarried in a catholic church
there are some catholic groups that have permission to marry priests

Section 3

Question Answer
event brought holy spirit to apostlespentacost
person who dies for fiathmarter
leadership of bishop and popeapostle
catholic teachings that is not open to changedogma
explation of different parts of godtrinity
teaching of jesus as both human and godincarnation
oil on foreheadannointing
cloth worn as devotion to maryscapular
way catholics believe mary went to heavenassumption
way catholics believe jesus went to heavenessentation
end of reconcilationabsolution
conversion of the substance of the Eucharistic elements into the body and blood of Christtranssubstatiation
bread and wineconsecration

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