Unit 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
which gospels the shortestmark
which gospel was written by a former tax collectermatthew
which gospel was written for the gentilles, st paulsluke
what gospel was written romemark
which gospel is different from the other threejohn
most detailed account about what happened afterwardsacts of the apostles
why did martin luther agree with council of jamnia it wasnt written in hebrew, didnt trust anything new. luther didnt agree w septugint

Section 2

Question Answer
christians believe in the messiah
there are 72 booksin the catholic bible
the deuterononical books come from thegreek septuagint
the catholic bible hasn't always been broken upinto chapter and verse
aprocrypha bookshave nothing to do with god
zealots wanted jesus to be an earthly king
all apostles are disciplesbut not all disciples are apostles
jews believe that the body of jesuswas stolen by the apostles
muslims believe thatjesus existed
john is the only oneto survive and die of natural causes
peter wrote the least number of epistles
the gospels were writtenafter jesus; lifetime
catholics have more bibles than protestants do
why did martin luther agree with the council of jamniawanted an excuse to take out books, take purgatory off
whats the term that describes jesus as both god and humanincarnation
greek version of torraseptugiant
oldest english version of protestant bibleking james
oldest english version of catholic bibledouey reims
means good newsgospel
suffering death and resurrection of jesuspascal mystery
refers to year of our lordanno domini
matthew mark and lukesypnoptic
underlines teachings of catholic churchcathechism
marks beginning of catholic churchpentecost
term used to describe letters in new testamentepistle
term for oldest complete bible todaycodex
new testament book, last book writtenbook of revelations, written in code.

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